C. Aitmatov, "Buran stop": summary

Chingiz Aitmatov - one of the most famous and popular writers of the Soviet era.Kirghiz descent, he paid much attention to the life of its people.Aitmatov was recognized in the Soviet Union.He - the winner of numerous awards, Hero of Socialist Labor.Almost all of the writer's works be published in two languages: Russian and Kyrgyz.

steppes and railway

One of the best novels Aitmatov - "Buran stop".For him, the writer received the State Prize of the USSR."Buran stop", a summary of which are often retold in different sources - a novel with a philosophical orientation.It starts with a description of the product locale.This boundless steppes with sparse vegetation - almost a desert.In the novel it is called Sary-Ozeki.The prototype of this area is the area surrounding the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.Not far from the vast airfield railroad passes.

¬ęBuran stop", a summary of which we present in this article is easy to read.What can be said about most difficult semantically books.At the beginning

of the novel the author contrasts the nature of (the behavior of foxes) and soulless civilization associated with the railway.Continuously train racing left in the wilderness and the roar of rubbish, frighten animals.However, it gives local residents civilization wealth.It is no accident fox, overcoming fear, returned to the railway line to find the scraps.

main characters

After describing future events arena writer introduces us to the heroes of the novel "Buran stop".Summary the following pages related to the way Edigei.It works on crawler tracks Burannyi way station for many years.He '61.His work, he began immediately after the war.He lives in the village of Yedigei eight houses, among which there are mud huts.His wife Ukubala as old as he is.Yedigei - a man of good character, because only strong people survive Sarozek.

In the novel "Buran stop", a summary of which you are reading, few actors.Yedigei - a real hard worker.Always works only on the conscience.When snowstorms and blizzards swept out by the railroad tracks, he and his friend Kazangap shovels cleared tens of meters of snow drifts.Young puteyschiki laughed at such heroism, called the old fools.At the beginning of the book Kazangap dies.

juxtaposition of nature and civilization

interesting bar added to his novel writer Aitmatov."Buran stop", a summary of which is linked to the unity of man and nature, it is in the list of actors camel.Karanar - exemplary animal.The writer clearly admires and describes them with skill.By education Aitmatov was a livestock expert.

At the funeral of his son appears Kazangap Sabitzhan.He - the embodiment of a new century of technological progress - a time when people have forgotten about God, have forgotten how to pray and lost soul.Sabitzhan wants only one thing - quickly bury his father and go to town.He's trying to impress the villagers their knowledge, but people have a dislike of - writes Chingiz Aitmatov."Buran stop", a summary of which includes one more thematic line, follows the story further.

Future and past

This is a fantastic motif associated with the cosmos.The first contact with another civilization earthlings!Such a move by the Soviet writer Aitmatov was not expected.Two cosmonauts (Soviet and American) on the orbital station "Parity" went into the unknown together with the aliens.This is a fantastic story line in the novel "Buran stop".Summary (in chapters split it is not necessary, because the story is a single canvas) tells you about the following events.

While Yedigei lucky to bury their dead friend, in front of his inner eye passes all life on Burannyi halt.He remembered his first meeting with Kazangap who persuaded the patient to go to the shell-shocked Sarozek.And when the family arrived at the stop Kuttybaev, Yedigei felt the injustice of the Stalin-Beria's regime.Head of the family Abutalip arrested.

fight for truth

Yedigei not know what the accused Kuttybaev.His arrest is linked to memories of the war, he writes to his children.Abutalip was in captivity after the escape joined the Yugoslav partisans.By the end of the war he was abroad.Under questioning from Edigei trying to figure out whether the mentioned Kuttybaev English names - is described in the work "Buran stop".Roman, a summary of which is known to every connoisseur of literature, deeply concerned about the readers.

Suicide Abutalip love Edigei Zaripa to his wife - it's all gone before the mind's eye of the old Kazakh, while he was taking his friend to the cemetery.

started "Khrushchev thaw."Yedigei went to Alma-Ata with the aim to tell the truth about the arrest Kuttybaev.Abutalip rehabilitated.The country begins a new life.

In the novel, the author recounts the two ancient oriental legends about events that happened in sarozekskoy steppe.The first legend tells the story of Genghis Khan, the treasury is in love, because they dared in spite of his orders to have a baby.The second legend tells about an old poet who fell in love with a young girl.Relatives tied him to a tree to prevent reunite with her.So in the novel Aitmatov interwoven past, present and future.