Lermontov's works for children: stories, poems

artist, writer and poet Mikhail Lermontov is best known as the author of "A Hero of Our Time".But Lermontov's verses for childre

n occupied in his poetic legacy is not the last place.Lovers of history, folklore and fairy tales, the poet wrote quite a number of poems and short stories, which he called the fairy tales.Now Lermontov children are studying in the 6th year of high school.

Today we will talk about some of the verses, poems and tales of Lermontov, which are written for the younger generation.

Lermontov's poems for children (short)

mother's death imposed on the life and work of Mikhail Yurevich very sad imprint.It was very early in the care of his father, and this resulted in a melancholy poems that play up the theme of childhood, or written for children.

Although the poet's childhood was podёrnuto haze of grief and longing for his mother, he still describes his early years as a happy, happy days.

The extraordinary lyricism, softness and warmth isolated Lermontov's verses for children.Short poems, such as "Sail", "Cossack lullaby", "Cute Child birth", "angel", "child", this show could not be better.These poems - the most soulful and tender, that is, in the poet's work.


Lermontov children also beat various fairy tales.Small in size poem "Forget-Me" tells the story of a loving couple, who tragically ended.

The plot is simple.In ancient times, the young knight and his fiancee sit on a bench and talking.The young man declares his love, but this little girl.As proof of the strong feelings she asks for her knight to rip blue flower - forget-me.He barely visible, as is growing very far away, but as she says, "it is for love, not so far," as it seems.

young knight leaves for flower and into the quagmire from which it can not escape.The last effort, he plucks the flower and throws him under the feet of his beloved.The topic is not new - the flower as a symbol of love is often found in fairy tales from around the world.For example, in the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast," where younger daughter asks for itself in just a gift red rose.

"Sea Princess"

Some say that this poem - love, but in fact it refers to Lermontov for children.If you carefully read into the text, it is immediately obvious - a fight for life and death.

so use common image of a mermaid.Seeing the prince on the bank, she begins to lure him into his arms, asking him if the boy spend the night with the royal daughter.In fact, she lures him into the water to drown.

prince goes to her, but under the spell misses and instead to die in the waves of the sea, wins the mermaid tail and pulls her to shore, where she turns into a monster and die.

"Three Palms"

Lermontov children have deep meaning, even if seem innocent fairy tale."Three Palms" - an excellent example of this.

grew up in the desert three palms.They were hot and bored, because there was nothing happening.And they began to grumble at the sky and lament the fact that their life is wasted.Very soon there was a whole caravan, and the travelers stopped to spend the night under the palm trees.However, at that moment their lives came to an end - the Moors cut down all three trees and burned them to keep warm as the cold night in the desert.

number "three" here - an established symbol of the triune soul and murmurs - sin.Palma did not like them nobody admires (pride).As a result, they suffered punishment.

Lermontov Stories for kids: "Ashik Kerib. Turkish Tale"

Tale of wandering singer, who was looking for way to get rich in order to marry the daughter of a wealthy merchant, was found among the papers of Lermontov after his sudden death.Tale of Azerbaijan is a version of the ancient tale about Ashik Kerib, who took his beloved promise to wait for him for seven years.If after this time it does not come back rich, she vyydёt marry another.Notwithstanding any obstacles Ashik Kerib rich returns and takes his beloved in marriage.

"Song about Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich, young guardsmen and swashbuckling Merchant Kalashnikov"

Many believe stories Lermontov children incomplete without this epic poem.It is interesting that, unlike other works, this story unique.The story did not write one to Lermontov and no one after him.

Lermontov children are usually based on fiction, but not this time.The action takes place in the time of Ivan the Terrible.Young guardsmen Kiribeevich recognized king of love to a beautiful woman - Alena Dmitrievna.He imbued the story and give a blessing to the marriage, even the young man presents jewelry for the bride.But the king did not know that the beloved Karibeevicha married merchant Kalashnikov.

Oprichnik Kiribeevich Alena Dmitrievna lurking in the church and dishonor it.Women resort home in tears and asked her husband to take revenge.The merchant decides to teach a lesson to the next day guardsmen in a fistfight.It happened - Kiribeevich was killed.Ivan the Terrible asked rightfully whether a merchant killed guardsmen.Not wanting to talk about the disgrace of his wife, the merchant Kalashnikov concealing the real reason, and sentenced to death.