Krylov's fable "Chizh and blue."

Krylov Each essay carries a certain worldly wisdom teaches "good and bright," or, at least, show how to behave should not be.Krylov's fable "Siskin and the Dove" - ​​is no exception, but that she exposes, we discuss below.


Chizh got into the trap, and, seeing this, a dove on him in every way laughs and says that he somehow would never have got so stupidly in snare. And you know what happened after a while?He did not see the trap and found himself in a cell.Here's a fairly straightforward fable "Siskin and dove."

moral person should not gloat over the grief, or other serious trouble.Perhaps tomorrow scoffer can get into the same situation.Krylov's fable "Siskin and Dove" not too difficult to analyze.With this, it seems right and the student.Then a few more considerations that were provoked by Ivan Andreyevich.

compare yourself to others - in human nature.And no matter how many Eastern spiritual practices nor have told us that we should only compete with them, people still stubbornly loo

king in the direction of a neighbor, co-workers or just a passer.And if deep-rooted envy and schadenfreude is also not so easy to win.That's our pigeon (it tells a fable of Krylov "Siskin and Dove") only saw canary in difficulty, and immediately began to try his situation themselves.

Can the person do better?

answer this important question, we will take as an ally Michel Montaigne and Don Corleone.The first said: "Let's talk sensibly."First, look at the human bias, and then turn to the authority of Don Vito Corleone.

Of course, we would like to believe the best - is also part of human nature, but practice shows that the person is not too much had changed in the last two thousand years.

This speaks well Bulgakov Voland, and do not abate the popularity of Greek tragedies.If a person has changed very abruptly, Sophocles and Euripides that would remain behind culture, but it did not happen.

We are also concerned about the tragedy and comedy of Shakespeare, and there is treachery, malice and cunning enough, but they do not bother us.Each new generation crouches to this source of inspiration, not only, but also of philosophical wisdom.

In other words, whatever it was, but the man is still at its virtues and vices.The only thing that has changed is their image: the art (and literature in particular) have become more sophisticated and detailed in this sense."Siskin and the Dove" - ​​Krylov fable, made in the old style: the characters are simple and clear, and their goal is clear as day.

Now it's time to come for advice to Don Corleone.He told his children the following: "Do not tell anyone other than family members, what you're thinking."We can add: if you are not lucky with relatives, then they do not give out your thoughts.

If you can not defeat the malevolence in man once and for all, and we came to the conclusion that this is not possible, you should at least hide it from outsiders, and even more so from the victim vicissitudes.Unfortunately, the dove of the product under consideration (in the focus of attention - "Siskin and dove," a fable of Krylov) for this just did not have the mind and ingenuity.