A brief analysis: Vampilov, "eldest son"

At Alexander Vampilov always tragedy with elements of comedy and comedy with elements of tragedy.The creator of "Duck Hunt" did not do anything special, it was just trying to play in his work life as it is.It is not only black and white, man's existence is filled with semitones.Our task - to tell about it in an article, which will be analyzed.Vampilov, "eldest son" - the focus of attention.

Immediately should make a reservation that is necessary and a brief retelling (it will contain some analytical observations) vampilovskogo masterpiece.To him we proceed.

Failed party for four

begins with the fact that two young guys (Vladimir Bulgakov and Simon Sevostyanov) 20s escorted the girls and look forward to a pleasant evening, but the girls were "not like", as they are reported suitors.Of course, the guys kind argued for a bit, but nothing to do, the girls are always on the side of the keyword in the romantic question.They stayed on the outskirts of the city, without shelter, and it is cold outside, t

he last train left.

In this area there are two zones: the private sector (there are houses of rural type), and directly opposite - small stone house (three floors as tall) with arch.

friends decide to split up: one is to look out for the night in a stone shelter and the other handles the private sector.Bulgakov is knocking at the house of 25-year-old female employee of a local court Natalya Makarska.It is some time ago quarreled with 10-Vasenka grader, who apparently long and hopelessly in love with her.She thought that this young man came again, but no.Makarska Busygin some time squabble, but the girl the night a young man, of course, do not.

Sevostyanova seeds (Silva) denies a resident of the house opposite.Young people are there, where they were - on the street.

And suddenly they see as an old man - Sarafanov Andrew G. - clarinetist, an employee in the orchestra, according to the official version, but actually playing at funerals and dances, knocking Natasha and asked to give him a few minutes.Young people think that this meeting, and decide to break into the apartment Sarafanova under any pretext, to freeze on the street they do not want.

Our task - analysis Vampilov ("eldest son", his play) - his object, so it should be noted that the characters Bulgakov and Silva at first seem like people completely superficial, frivolous, but in the course of the story one of them is changing reader: gets the depth of character and even some appeal.Who will learn on.

Mindful of the objectives must also be said that Gagarin - Fatherless and medical student, his mother lives in Chelyabinsk with his elder brother.What does Silva, it is not important in the context of our project.

unexpected replenishment of the family

Young people are not wrong: in fact the door to the apartment Sarafanova remains open, and upset the recent failure Vassenka love going to run out of the house, as it turns out later, his goal - the taiga.Daughter Sarafanova (Nina) any day would go to Sakhalin, the other day she married a pilot.In other words, the house reigns discord, and its residents are not up to the guests, though expected, and though not, so aliens successfully chosen the moment.To us it is also useful to analyze.Vampilov ("eldest son") play a finely written, all the characters sing their parts flawlessly and realistically.

busygin pretends that he knew his father Vassenka and said the following sentence: "All of us, the people - the brothers."Silva begins to spin the idea and brings it to the fact that Vladimir - is suddenly Found stepbrother Vassenka.The young man shocked by Bulgakov, too hurried comrade slightly stunned, what to do, in the street you do not want to spend the night.They act out the play before Sarafanova.The analysis shows that Vampilov ("eldest son") began to play the lottery.At the base of the drama he is a joke, and the whole play seems to be something like a comedy, but it is only at first glance.

Bob is looking for what to drink.Young people, including a 10-graders use.Then there Sarafanov and unlucky mourners hiding in the kitchen.Bob tells his father the whole story of his eldest son.The old man begins to reminisce aloud details of the meeting with the potential mother of Vladimir and involuntarily prohindeev provides all the necessary information, and they eagerly caught every word: a woman's name, city (Chernigov), the eldest son of the right age, if he had been.

Then Vladimir appears, answers all the questions correctly father.House sweeping universal rejoicing, and continues booze, but now it was joined Sarafanov older.

The noise comes Nina and demands an explanation.At first she did not believe his older brother, and then it gets to his confidence.

Bulgakov begins to believe in your own game.Point rebirth character

Busygin between an older man and immediately establish contacts, and the father opens his heart and soul to the prodigal son.They talked all night.From the night of communication Vladimir Learn more Sarafanova life, for example, the fact that Nina will soon married a pilot, as well as mental anguish of the father.How hard life family.Impressed by night conversation after my father went to sleep, he wakes Vladimir Seeds and begs him to leave quickly, but at the door of their catches Andrew G..He asks the elder son to take family heirloom - a silver snuffbox.And then Vladimir happens spiritual revolution.Whether he felt very sorry for the old man, or himself, because he did not know his father.Gagarin imagined it in front of all these people in debt.He believed that he had his relatives.This is a very important point in the study and analysis of the play Vampilov "eldest son" to move on.

Love as a unifying force

When otshumel holiday, it was necessary to clear the table and generally tidy up the kitchen.This is caused by doing two - Gagarin and Nina.During the joint work, which, as is known, combines love took his Finnish knife and pierced the heart of each of the young men.Further narration only follows from this landmark event.That is the conclusion of the play takes us analysis Vampilov "eldest sonĀ»

the end of the harvesting Bulgakov, for example, allows a very caustic and sarcastic remarks to five minutes to Nina's husband.It is not that they reject, but not too opposed to poison his brother.It says that "family" is already on friendly terms with each other, and for the rapid development of a trusting relationship in the short term can only respond to strong sympathy.

arises spontaneously love between Vladimir and Nina Marshall all further plot and is the force that unites the family again Sarafanova together.

discrepancy in different areas and Busygina Sevostyanova

Thus, bearing in mind the recently arisen love, the reader understands that Vladimir is no longer an illusion, but really becomes their family Sarafanova.Unexpected guest becomes nail, which does not give native people have lost touch with each other, it connects them, becomes the center.Silva, on the contrary, it appears more and more a stranger BUSYGIN and the home, where they accidentally drifted, so Simon tries anything to learn from the situation and trying to spin the affair with Natasha Makarska.Wonderful play Vampilov wrote - "eldest son" (analysis and summary of the ongoing).

phenomenon groom

the day cleaning the kitchen has to happen a significant event: Nina is planning to introduce a father with his betrothed - a cadet flying school Mikhail Kudimov.

between morning and evening takes a whole chain of events, which is worth mentioning at least briefly: Makarska is changing its attitude towards Vassenka with anger at the mercy and invites him to the movies.He rushes to buy tickets, not knowing that Silva has weaves his web of seduction.In it he hopes to catch Natasha.She readily naturally inferior lover of women, because it is more suited Semen age.Silva and Natasha should meet promptly at 22:00.At the same time, inspired by the boy takes the tickets for film session.Natasha refuses to go with him, and reveals a secret that has come to her at night Andrew G. spoken for Vasyatka.

ardent young man in despair, he runs again to collect a backpack to leave away from home in the arms of the taiga.Some of the characters in the extreme nervous tension awaiting the arrival of the groom and the evening.

submitted by the parties seemed suddenly goes awry.The newly older brother, and make fun of cadet Silva, who is not offended because "love funny guys."Himself Kudimov always afraid of being late in the military dormitory, and in general, the bride a burden to him.

Here comes the father.Acquainted with Sarafanov, the groom begins to suffer from the fact that he could not remember where he saw the face of the future test.An elderly man, in turn, said that he - an artist, which is probably why his face seen the pilot or the Philharmonic, or in the theater, but he dismisses it all.And suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, the cadet said, "Remember, I saw you at the funeral!" Sarafanov forced to admit that yes, indeed, he was 6 months does not work in the orchestra.

After disclosing secrets, which are no longer a secret to anyone, as children have long been aware, played another scandal with the cries and moans Bob leaves the house, determined to reach the same to the taiga.The groom also saw enough in a hurry to return to the military community until its closure.Silva goes to the movies.The father of the family happens hysterics: he also wants to go somewhere.His calm and Nina Gagarin, the musician gives in.All this is very important as it is directly related to the climax.Masterfully done everything Vampilov."Eldest son" (analysis of the work we present) continues.


Then Vladimir Nina admits that she does not brother and, even worse, he loves her.At the moment, probably, according to the author and the reader has to occur catharsis, but it's still not quite intersection.On top of the apartment and runs Vasyatka admits that he set fire to the apartment Makarska just at the time when she was there with Silva.The latter had deteriorated pants for boys hooligan antics.To complete the picture of my room came with a suitcase unhappy father, ready to go to the mother of Vladimir Chernigov.

Fed up with the play on a wave of disappointment from the tainted clothes, Simon lays Busygina and says Vladimir Sarafanova same son as he his niece, and leaves.

Sarafanov does not want to believe and says the opposite.Moreover, even offers AmBisome move from student residence to them.The intricacies of all these events busygin discovers he again missed the train.Everyone laughs.Everybody is happy.Thus ends the play, which was written by Alexander Vampilov."Eldest son" (analysis and it shows) - is extremely difficult and controversial work for evaluation.We can draw some conclusions.

family, got into a blind alley

Now that we know the whole story, you can reflect on what it is made in the whole history of the "eldest son."

It is obvious that the family was falling apart: the father lost his job, began to drink.The walls began to come alone, he was in despair.Daughters bothered to pull the whole family (she had to work, so look older than his 19 years), it seemed that the departure to Sakhalin as the wife of a military pilot - it's a great outlet.It is better than this life.Vasya, too, sought a way out and did not find, so I decided to go into the taiga, just cling to a more experienced woman (Natasha Makarska) had failed.

During the night of conversation, when his father devoted son of the details of his life and details his family life, he very accurately described the situation, it can be summed up in one phrase: "Everybody was running, in anticipation of a great tragedy hanging over them."Only Andrew G. nowhere to run.

Gagarin as a savior

elder brother came at a time when he needed all.Vladimir restored the balance and harmony of the family.Their love with Nina empty tanks filled family grace, and anyone anywhere has not wanted to escape.

father felt that he had a son, the eldest son, to whom you can rely.Nina realized that the island does not have to go, and my brother was able to beat his morbid attachment to a girl much older than themselves.Of course, a love for Natasha Wasi hidden global yearning for the mother, a sense of security and comfort.

only character of the play, which was an absolute loser - Silva, as all the other major characters have formed some inner circle.Because he was expelled only seed.

course, I won in the end and Vladimir Bulgakov: he had a father, which he had dreamed of since childhood.In other words, the play ends with a scene of general family harmony.This would be desirable to complete a brief analysis."Eldest son" Vampilov written brilliantly and it's not only remarkable, but also a profound work that puts serious questions for the reader.