Savelyitch image in the novel "The Captain's Daughter", AS

Savelyitch image in the novel "The Captain's Daughter" was created ASPushkin is not accidental, it embodies the national character of the Russian par with Captain Mironov, environment Pugacheva.Let's try to remember what was the true and faithful servant of the family Grinevs.

Portrait Savelyitch

As you probably remember, Savelich - a yard, Petrusha Grinyova servant, whom his father had set over him.It should be noted that it is at least not stupid, at the same time infinitely devoted to his master.Savelich brought up to serve his master, he does not know how to live differently.

At the elderly person is a serious responsibility, because he is a faithful and loyal servant in charge of Peter Grinyova to his parents.Savelich feels for his pupil almost paternal feelings.He is infinitely concerned about it, worried about the young master.

Savelyitch reviewed in detail in the story "The Captain's Daughter."The writing on this subject can not do without words about the devotion and loyalty of the old

servants of the Lord.

detailed acquaintance

more detailed story about Savelich starts from the moment Petrushka Grinyov leaves his father's house.

lot about the character of this man says the case when Grinyov gets drunk and loses money.Savelich not consider it necessary to pay the debt, but the young master makes him do this and did not hesitate to pronounce the elderly devotee servant that his duty - to obey and fulfill the master's will.

Savelyitch image in the novel "The Captain's Daughter" on the plan and a plan of Pushkin - typical for that time, a portrait of a serf, the Lord's devotees.Surprisingly, for all the faithful servant of the story does not hear from a young gentleman, and gratitude, and, characteristically, it does not appear the slightest insults.Savelich and can not imagine that a man of his origin probably some other ratio.

willingness to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the pupil

Savelyitch image in the novel "The Captain's Daughter" is revealed more fully when the life of Peter Grinyova danger.The old servant was willing himself to die at the hands of Shvabrin, overshadowing the young master-feeding.In gratitude, he only receives allegations of denunciation parents.Father Petrusha, for its part, blames the old man that he was not informed about the duel.Young Green in such a situation does not consider it necessary to stand up for this man devoted to him.

Savelich and Pugachev

Savelyitch image in the novel "The Captain's Daughter," an essay about this character can not ignore such a vivid scene with all its fullness is revealed when the old servant throws himself at the feet of Emelyan Pugachev.He prays to the pretender to rid his young master from the gallows, and he is ready to take his place.The private life seems not at all dear to him.Alas, Petrushka Grinyov taken for granted even such a thing Savelyitch.The servant, in turn, is not surprised such a coldness and indifference on the part of his master.

image of the people in "The Captain's Daughter»

image of the people represented in the novel and on the negative side.Companions Pugachev, for example, are able to steal cruel to the nobility are willing to betray their leader, what he does not doubt.

Savelyitch image in the novel "The Captain's Daughter" - is the personification of the most attractive features of the Russian character, which is characterized by straightforwardness, loyalty, willingness to sacrifice.

Three character, embodying the people - this is Captain Mironov, his wife and daughter.They are simple-minded, kind, cordial and hospitable.The behavior of the head of the family, Ivan Kuzmich, motivated by a sense of duty to the Fatherland.

Savelyitch image in the novel "The Captain's Daughter" embodies the positive traits of the people that are inherent in the best representatives of the peasant class.He meekly bear the service, his devotion to family Grinevs knows no boundaries, but he had never heard a word of thanks, as a rule, he gets insults and abuse.

Savelich, as well as Captain Mironov, was used to carry out orders unquestioningly.For elderly servant in the first place the orders of his master for Mironov - the order of the government.Such people never will have power of resistance, so live their ancestors, only this way of life seems to them the only possible one.

So, surprisingly bright image Savelyitch presented in the story "The Captain's Daughter."Summary of the product is unlikely to help us to create an overall impression of this faithful servant, and for sure we will be able to read about it a few lengthy phrases.

image Savelyitch, despite its minor character, is remembered surprisingly well.He is smart and savvy, loyal and honest.This yard that feels for the young gentleman is truly fatherly feelings and willing to give him his own life.Because of this character, ASPushkin reveals the dramatic fate of a simple Russian peasant in autocratic Russia, which is ready to do anything for the Lord does not expect gratitude.Kindness, intelligence, humility, selflessness Savelyitch make this hero beloved by many readers.