"Afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go."

Proverbs are part of our flesh and blood, if we were born and raised in Russia.The same is true for those who have been living in our homeland.And, as a rule, people do not even think about what it means or that expression.We offer to uncover the meaning of one of these, namely: "afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go."

Russian epic

When the Russian people (maybe not only him) are invited to submit something terrible, he almost always sees the dark forest.I agree that this place can happen anywhere.

Think of Russian folk tales: Baba Yaga is required to live in the dense forest.Judging from the national legends, live there all the villains.Darkness - a sign of anxiety, restlessness, something unkind.Unknown for a long time frightens man, so they say, "are afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go", ie. E. If the dread of dangers of a risky business, it is better for him not to undertake.

Venedikt Yerofeyev

When people talk about a complicated case, it again comes to mind the image of a d

ark forest, and there's probably live their wolves.Venedikt Yerofeyev well in school.Probably I got on classmates, teachers, and even graduated from high school with a gold medal, but the training in higher education had somehow not specified.He tried several times to get a diploma, but to no avail.And each time, going to the next test, he admonished himself: "Nothing, nothing, afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go».

difficult relationship with the formation of cast shadows on the entire life of a writer. Despite the fact that Benedict Yerofeyev deservedgold medal, at the time he still digging canals and worked on low-skilled and plohooplachivaemoy work. However, it was, one might say, its conscious choice. There are people who are not particularly afraid of life and injury collisions. Even if V. YerofeyevSay, what's wrong (ie. e. its life) over, he would have said well-wishers: "afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go».

adult life and saying about wolves

school years may not be quite wonderful,and, nevertheless, the tests that people are at this time, can hardly be compared with the difficulties of adult life.

If someone does not know adult life begins when a person pays the bills.It appears obligations and ever since fear haunts him everywhere.The world seemed to him a dark forest, and the people around - wolves, who are just waiting, when he stumbles on the road of life to his tear.Not for nothing did the Roman sage said: "Man to man - the wolf."

Of course, first of all, this is true of labor.Especially if the person is working in a large company where the structure itself presupposes the existence of ratings, and all sorts of indicators and statistics on the worst out of the game.Here it willingly or unwillingly, as the proverb comes to mind about wolves.We hope that now no one question remains, what does the phrase "afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go."Its meaning is, we think, is clear.

Remember that in any case the dangers abound, but that's no reason to do not budge.We must boldly look into the distance and overcome possible life troubles, because one rarely life was going smoothly.Usually it consists of nothing but bumps and smooth stretches it happen infrequently.Even death is not so afraid, because we die only once.And it is not in our power to know exactly when it will happen, because the man is a "suddenly mortal," but even this should not overshadow our everyday life, with its joys.And if we stop scaring death, we certainly were not afraid of the wolf in the dark forest.

That happened pondering proverb "afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go."The story, hope, like the reader.