Krylov's fable "The pike and the cat."

works Krylov inexhaustible.Each time touching them, the reader will come across some other, new meaning.Krylov's fable "The pike and the cat" is no exception, and is fraught with all sorts of interpretations, many more, we will try to remove one of them.


Pike for unclear reasons, wanted to change jobs: she decided to hunt mice.Naturally, marine predator turned to the chief specialist in the matter - Cat Vaska.Hand killer reacted to the request of the Pike with understanding, but decent enough and conscientious animal tried to "godfather" to dissuade from this case.He said that because it is in catching mice little sense.Anyway, what is it all about?Pike said contemptuously: "What do I click?I've been catching ruffs easy. "Cat surrendered, I realized that it is useless to argue.

And he took the fish to hunt in the barn.He, of course, everything went like clockwork, and the fish do not click just ate.That's what tells a fable of Krylov "Pike and a cat."

Morale Morale is reduced to the w

ell-known Latin proverb, which we, of course, present here in Russian: "To each his own."Nothing good never goes out of the fact that people do not become involved in the business.For example, a cobbler begins to cook soup and cook - repairing shoes.Krylov's fable "The pike and cat" teaches fairly simple truths.

However, in order to justify the people can say that they are not born with the natural setting from are preset, t. E. You can not tell by looking at a person, what exactly he is fit, because the man - "stepchild of nature."He almost never determined by using the archaic instincts when compared with animals, nature and did not give him anything to quickly and easily adapt to the environment.

How different animals, birds, fish, insects.With them, everything is clear.For what you can not make the lion eat worms, or swim in the sea, as does a fish.About our smaller brothers nature has taken care much better than us, hapless.But let us not lose heart, and let us go on to learn more about what can teach us, modern people, Krylov's fable "The pike and the cat."

Cult "creative person»

search of their vocation in life - it's good, it is necessary and it is inevitable when one is young.Bad, when such investigations are tightened to 40 or 50 years.But now in the modern world is another pressing problem: people impose the cult of "creative person".Now everyone thinks himself the creator.Others on human conceit makes good money, but the sad thing is that all this chatter Russian "show business" distracts people from really important and necessary cases.Instead of reading something worthwhile or playing, people are "stuck" to the screen and watch as their brethren get their three minutes of fame.Everyone stared at the teleyaschik and seeing the latter suddenly become the first thought: "But I can do that."

What reflections from such harm?

There can not be answered unequivocally.If a person has the ability, it is, of course, I have to go for their dreams.The only problem is that before the experiment can not tell if any of these most capable or not.And imagine that the man tried, he could not, but he insists and operates its ambitions, wanders through the different TV programs, and so all his life.In the end, wasting himself, and perhaps it has died a wonderful driver and a carpenter.Then, it seems obvious harm to the cult of "creative person", does not it?

«Cat and pike" (fable) teaches us not to pay attention to the external noise, the fact that it is fashionable or right and find a way to yourself.