Why Tatiana fell in love with Onegin?

main character works ASPushkin's "Eugene Onegin" - a modest provincial girl, who falls in love with the capital dandy.The author, as we know, was always interested in beautiful women, and a prude hardly would pay attention.However, Pushkin writes about it, we unwittingly imbued with sympathy for the main character and wonder, "Why in love with Onegin, Tatiana?".

Unique individuality

It would seem that the main characters - totally different people: it is - a brilliant secular lion, she - country girl.However, much unites them together.

Both characters alone: ​​he misses in a secular society, while it did not understand most native people.And Tatiana and Eugene feel unappreciated in their environment.They are difficult to find at the provincial ball.Eugene Onegin, as our heroine realizes the emptiness of the capital and the provincial society.This makes them among themselves.The commonality of views on the lives of the main characters helps to understand why Tatiana fell in love with Onegin and Le

nsky not.

liked her early novels

As you know, Tatyana was born and raised in the village.She - a deep nature, appreciating privacy.A girl from an early age preferred the French novels, not the game with cheerful friends.Her soul yearned for love, even interest in divination was largely dictated by the desire to see you soon betrothed.Among the rural neighbor to be the chosen one for it was not fit, young girls usually fall for those who are surrounded by an aura of mystery.So is it any wonder that dressed as a "dandy London" Onegin touched the heart of our heroine.

So, we are getting closer to understanding why Tatiana fell in love with Onegin.Let's try to understand what her feelings for the protagonist.

Tatiana loves not joking

love of the protagonist - feeling really serious and not easy craze young person.So, why Tatiana fell in love with Onegin?The writing - discourse on this subject often written ninth-grade student, for most of which the answer to this question seems to be absolutely clear, because he was so handsome, so mysterious and interesting!

However, visual appeal and charm - is something that can give rise to love, not deep sense.We have not casually try to understand, why Tatiana fell in love with Onegin, because we are talking about love.Emotion girl our hero deep.After the departure of Eugene Onegin Tatyana began to visit the house and read the book, paying special attention to the places that have been allocated.So she tried to better understand his character.In a typical girl in love, rather, tend to desire to apply themselves well, and when the object of attention disappears young person forgets about it.Feeling Tatiana in Eugene Onegin is much deeper, she is trying to figure out who he is, trying to understand its soul.Later, the protagonist realizes some of the faithful love refused.Alas, it's time to regret came too late.

At the end of the book the main character being a fine lady, Onegin admits that she would continue to love, but given to another.

So now we understand why Tatiana fell in love with Onegin.His image is very well suited to the presentation of a young girl how should look the chosen of her heart.However, feelings of Tatiana were serious and deep, which is undoubtedly due to the richness and breadth of her nature.