Boris Gorbatov: Soviet writer and public figure.

This man has achieved great heights, not only in the literary field.Unfortunately, his life was short, but he left a lot of bright work.The memorable Boris Gorbatov?Biography Soviet writer will be the subject of our consideration.

Finding himself

Birth Boris Leontyevich rooted in the history of the past century.He was born in Ekaterinoslav province back in 1908.In Lugansk district he settled his family.Jews by nationality, they lived in peace and quiet, working at the plant.In Kramatorsk in the age of fifteen and he got Boris Gorbatov.Career he started with positions planer.Within the walls of native enterprise young man first experienced the craving for writing, working in parallel become a reporter.Describing the life of the working class, he realized, in what area wants to realize itself in the future.

birth of a new star

Writer's debut in 1922.Then the newspaper "All-Union stokehold" published a short story, "The well-fed and hungry."Of course, seeing with my own eyes everyday life of the

working masses, the author vividly reflected in their work.Readers had to like it.Thus was born the new Boris Gorbatov - a writer who would later become a little famous in wide circles of personality.

Komsomol become protagonists of the future stories of Boris.In 1928 he published the "cell" - another vivid reflection of life in the middle 20s.The success of these products was evaluated in journalistic circles.In 1930 Boris Leontyevich essayists are invited to work in the newspaper "Pravda".As her assistant, he went to the Arctic, and on his return from a trip produces several pieces on the development of the north, later included in the book "Ordinary Arctic."

writer, public figure, the reviewer

It seemed it was a big step, and no less responsibility.Love of the public and peer recognition in a short time was Boris Gorbatov.Biography, including interesting facts from the life of the writer, describes him not only as an author but also a public figure.His opinion and vibrant views on events in the country listened to many other writers, and the yield of subsequent works became the center of public discussion.

In the early 30 humpback opens Association of proletarian writers.The organization has existed for several years, and later renamed the Association of Writers.Boris Gorbatov leadership took over, staying inspirer and chief reviewer.New responsibilities assumed move to Moscow.By the end of the decade, Boris L. released sketches of "The Master", "mountain hiking", "Comintern".Published in 1933, the novel "My Generation" was warmly received by literary critics.In their view, the author has managed to convey the enthusiasm and the spirit of the revolution in the first five years.

"Military" tribute

in the war Gorbatov Boris L. works as a journalist.During the four years before the event were fighting, he most reveals the spirit of Soviet soldiers in the pages of his stories: "Aleksey Kulikov," "Letters to someone," "Soldier's soul."Big patriotism and the will to win are reflected in the "Unconquered".This story is called "the pinnacle of military journalism."For her, in 1946 the writer received the State Prize.

Other areas

first postwar works are gradually moving away from topics terrible events of 1941-1945.In the novel "Donbass", Boris Gorbatov focuses on Soviet youth.Book a romantic content, which can not be found in previous papers.In the late 40's, he is interested in the emergence of Japan and the Philippines.At this time, humpback returns to activism - he holds the chair of the Secretary of the Union of Writers, deputy of the Supreme Council and a member of the Communist Party

Other hobbies

his literary talent Boris Gorbatov was able to show in the Soviet cinema.In part, this is due to its accession to the Council of the Ministry of Cinematography.In 1950 he was one of the writers of the drama "Shakhtar Donetsk", for which he was awarded the Prize of the USSR.The other picture, taken on his script, are "peoples court", "blockade", "It was in the Donbas."After his death based on his books were delivered films "Happiness Nikifor Bubnov," "My Generation" and "Ordinary Arctic", which was mentioned earlier.

Memory heritages

In life, Boris Gorbatov (photo attached) did not finish the story, "Alex Gaydash."Together with her, in 1956, came the play "One night."The writer himself died in 1954, buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.In 2008 Lugansk, where he was born, was released a commemorative postage symbols specially designed for the 100th anniversary of Gorbatova.In his memory, the year of his death, from the port of Stalingrad came to water cruise ship "Boris Gorbatov."

giving himself to his hobby, Boris L. forgot about personal happiness.His wife was the actress Tatyana Arkhipova Okunevskaya and Nina.From his second marriage were born son Michael (kardioreanimatolog) and daughter Elena (teacher).

As a participant in the war, he received the medal "For the Capture of Berlin", "For the Defense of Odessa", "For the liberation of Warsaw."In addition, there is a whole arsenal Gorbatova list of awards related to writing activities - Stalin and Lenin Komsomol Prize.

For several decades, the Ukrainian-Russian literary critic David Medrish engaged in research of Boris Gorbatov.Undoubtedly, the latter made a great contribution to the development of the Soviet and post-war literature.Critics have noted the writer's particular style - a strong emotional, hot-evaluation of the events that form the basis of the work.Many works are distinguished by romanticism.As a rule, most of the book devoted to the common people, hard-working miners, whose life and work Gorbatov knew firsthand.Launched the first part of "Donbass", conceived as a large multi-volume project was the only one in this series.Unfortunately, the return to the theme of the Stakhanovite movement 30s during the life of the author and do not succeed.