Chronological table Ostrovsky.

Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky became so brilliant man for the Russian theater, as you can imagine.Few people know that the famous art painting "A Cruel Romance" Eldar Ryazanov, "Marriage Bal'zaminova" Konstantin Voinov, "Russian money" Igor Maslennikov, and so on. D. Were removed by Ostrovsky.Whatever you play, the masterpiece.

biography of the playwright

chronological table of the life of Ostrovsky's text presentation is as follows.

He was born in Moscow on Malaya Ordynka March 31, 1823.His mother died young, and her stepmother replaced, which is very successfully took care of orphaned children.His father wanted his son to become a lawyer, Alexander.

boy first learned in the 1st Gymnasium of the capital, then studied at Moscow University, but because of a quarrel with the teacher one course he never finished.Then my father gave his servants to the court.


Next chronological table Ostrovsky updated very important dates, but more on that later.Thus, the work of the court

gave him a wealth of material for creative work, often in front of him were not made-up stories of the lives of ordinary citizens and the people of nobility and merchant class.And all this he wrote.And then conceives a work of Ostrovsky "His people - are numbered," which brought him fame.Then there was the delivery of the play "stay in your own sled."And then during the entire 30 years of his plays were staged one after another on the stage of St. Petersburg and Alexandria Small Moscow theaters.

Over time, he began working at the publishing house "Contemporary", and after some time released two volumes of the collection of his works.

whole life to art

But back to the biography of the playwright.His next play will be the famous "Thunderstorm", where the image of Catherine became the prototype of his passion, the actress Lyubov Pavlovna Kositsky.Their relationship was complicated, as they both were not free.

Playwright worked very hard, he always had plenty of plans and force it quickly dwindled.With age, he moved to his estate Shchelykovo (Kostroma).Chronological table Ostrovsky indicates that 63, he died.He was buried beside his father in the village of St. Nicholas Berezhki (Kostroma).

Ostrovsky.Chronological table

31.03.1823 of

(12.04.1823 g)

Born in Moscow.

1835 - 1840

He studied at the 1st Gymnasium of Moscow.


entered Moscow University to law school.


interrupted his studies at the university and went to work as a scribe in the court.


intended to write the play "His people - are numbered."


write an essay "Notes Zamoskvoreche resident."


Moved to Shchelykovo (Kineshma District, Kostroma).


Created debut comedy "His people - are numbered," which brought him fame.Her first name was "Bankrut."


Ostrovsky because this play was in favor with the king Nicholas I. wrote the play "An unexpected incident," "Morning young man."He collaborated with the magazine "Moskovityanin."


published the play "Poor Bride".

1855 - 1860

friends with the revolutionary democrats.Written works such as "A Profitable Post", "pupil", "In a strange feast hangover".


worked in the magazine "Contemporary".


published a collection of essays in two volumes.I wrote a piece "The Storm".


Got Uvarov Prize.


Created Artistic Circle - the cradle of theater talents.


founded the Society of Russian Dramatists and opera composers.


the debut of the opera "The Snow Maiden".


headed the Moscow Theatre School and became head of the repertoire of the theater.


died in the estate Shchelykovo.

Conclusion It's been a long time, but our contemporaries is a great playwright and a writer is very interesting.Chronological table Ostrovsky quite interesting and contains many very important dates.After all, it appreciated and loved the audience, theatrical figures, and even kings.Admirers of his talent were Goncharov, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Turgenev, Tchaikovsky, Saltykov-Shchedrin, and others.

This chronological table Ostrovsky quite brief.But the main thing here - that as a playwright Alexander Ostrovsky has made a great contribution to the development of theatrical art.He created his own school with its unique and holistic concept of stage in which the task was to portray life situations related to the life and psychology of a man of his age, that he knew.