Analysis: Astafjevs, "Lyudochka."

in the journal "New World" in the September issue of 1989, published his story Astafjevs ("Lyudochka").The analysis of this work - the theme of this article.Photo by the author is presented below.

Problems story

This story - about youth, but the hero who created Astafjevs, youth no.All of them - single people suffering somewhere deep in yourself and being in the world.These worn shadows cast on the souls of its readers gloomy feeling.In particular heroes Astafieva affects loneliness, which is constant and terrible work.This range aims to break the main character of the story "Lyudochka" (Astafjevs).The issue is the product of a collision between the inner and the outer world.You can see that already the first lines of the story in which the heroine of the product compared with the sluggish primorozhennoy grass, suggest that it is like this grass is not able to life.

ratio of parents to Lyudochka

ratio of parents to Lyudochka - an important point on which you want to stop, through analysis.Ast

afjevs ("Lyudochka") depicts the relationship of the protagonist with his parents is not ideal.Lyudochka leaves the house where she spent her childhood.There are also lonely, strangers to her people.The girl's mother has long been accustomed to the device's own life.A stepfather belonged to the main character of indifference.Astafjevs said that they simply lived in the same house, and only.She felt like a stranger among people.

problem of mental loneliness

Our society is sick, it is now clear to all.But to choose the right treatment, you need to put the correct diagnosis.The best minds in the country are struggling with this, trying to conduct their own analysis.Astafjevs ("Lyudochka") has set a very accurate diagnosis for a terrible disease that struck the country.The writer saw the main character of the story in the soul alone.It sets reflect the pain of our fellow citizens.Very relevant today story "Lyudochka" (Astafjevs).The issue of his relatives and friends a lot of people living today.

story created Astafev, it fits easily into modern literary process.One of the main features of the author's talent - the ability to cover issues that concern many writers: the disintegration of the village, the decline of morality, the mismanagement, the increase in crime.Viktor shows us the gray, everyday, ordinary life.The terms "home-work-home" live Gavrilovna, a woman who lost their health in the barbershop and its tovarki taking for granted all the blows of fate.And the main character has to be in the circle, as shown by our analysis.Astafjevs ("Lyudochka") portrays her heroine is not exceptional, capable of changing the world.She is forced to live in harsh conditions, and realize that there is no escape.

Tangled destiny Lyudochka

When the main character works finished 9 classes and became the girl's mother told her to Lyudochka went to the city to settle, because it has nothing to do in the village.The main idea of ​​the story is confusing the image of fate girl who squeezed the economic framework (to somehow survive in the city, had to settle for any job) and inappropriate for a village violent like the city.Writer skillfully opened Lyudochka character and moral problems of the contemporary generation spent their analysis.Astafjevs ("Lyudochka") available could tell about many serious things, cause of compassion and sympathy for the unjust fate of the protagonist.

Why Lyudochka committed suicide?

Lyudochka came home, not even her mother found the necessary support because she was preoccupied with its own problems.The main character was able to take a desperate act, decisive in themselves, like all people are closed.She was always the first in a child thrown into the river.And now, with the noose around his neck, Lyudochka, as in childhood, she bounced feet and covered his ears with his hands, as if rushed into the bottomless and boundless pool with high podmyta shore.On the one hand, she decided in such a way to solve all their problems, without disturbing anyone, but on the other - its determination to be envied.Feature Lyudochka Astafieva quite remarkable.The determination of the protagonist is not peculiar to many young people of today.

Interconnectivity destinies

Writer seeks to give an image in the story is that the reader had the opportunity to not only see, but also experience in the film, getting up in front of him, a live current life.Analyzing the story Astafieva "Lyudochka", it should be noted another important point.The plot is not easy and not only see the event-driven communications, but also something more - the implied hidden, which holds the motion of the author's thoughts all the work.In our case it is the thought of the fate of the interconnectedness of living in the split, disconnected, but still in the same world, the same land.The sins of so many assumed Lyudochka: mother Strekocha, Gavrilovna, schools, youth of the town, the Soviet police.This is what Dostoyevsky could not agree more - and the redemption of uncomprehending innocence of someone's sins.Short life, monotonous, dreary, indifferent, gray, without love and affection - the tragedy of the girl.Her death - is its rise.Only after the death of Lyudochka became suddenly needed his mother Gavrilovna.She finally noticed.Very touching story Astafieva because the reader can feel the author is kind and considerate in relation to this girl.

tragedy of the "little man"

tragedy of the "little man" is revealed in this work.Astafjevs keeps it one of the most popular in Russian literature of the 19th century.The work describes the fate of a miserable village girl who came to seek their fortune in the city, but stumbled on the cruelty and indifference of people.Over Lyudochka outraged, but the most terrible thing - it's not: it did not want to understand the people she loved.Therefore, the girl committed suicide, unable to find anybody from them moral support.

image Lyudochka Astafjevs created the following: an ordinary Russian girl, any set.The main character does not differ from his childhood nor mind, nor beauty, but has kept in his heart respect for others, compassion, decency and kindness.This girl was a weak character.That is why Gavrilovna, sheltered her in the city, knocking on Lyudochku all the work on the farm.She did it with pleasure and did not take offense at it.

Language features in the story

We provide ideological and artistic analysis of the story Astafieva "Lyudochka."The ideological basis of the work we have described, we go now to the artistic features of the story.

writer put into the mouth Gavrilovny large number of stable revolutions of aphorisms ("kasatochka", "swallow", "golubonka Sizokrylov", "Zolotko mine").With these expressions the author gives a description of the hostess, her individual qualities get emotional evaluation.The spirit and style of its time Astafieva inherit characters.Their speech - it is not just talk.It is the expression of all moral and intellectual forces.One can only applaud the writer for the excellent knowledge of jargon ("chums", "tear the claws", "plow", "fuck off").Russian sayings, proverbs and other expressions and phrases stable occupy among the pictorial means used by the writer, a significant place.And it is no coincidence - they contain vast expressive possibilities: expressiveness, emotionality, high degree of generality.Author plastic, succinct, artistic, expressive language convey to the reader his attitude.Reading the work of "Lyudochka" Astafieva, you will notice that peculiar folk speech accuracy, liveliness give the speech of heroes steady pace ("worked like a horse," "toil", "vtemyashilos in the head").Color, rich, melodious sound is unique in the language of the author.In addition to simple personifications (such as "village gasped in dikoroste") he uses a variety of complex, full of metaphors and epithets, create a separate picture.Therefore, the story turned out so bright, intense and unforgettable.

Reception contrast

their attention not focus solely on the shady side of the life of Victor Astafjevs ("Lyudochka").Analysis of the product indicates that it is present and a bright beginning to brighten many hardships.It comes from the hearts of many workers who in Russia are not translated.I remember the scene of haymaking, the episode where the main character with his mother threw a stack, and then washed off with Lyudochka himself in his native river hay dust and dust with joy, a slave people, to work thoroughly.Admission contrast, which successfully applied here Astafjevs emphasizes spiritual affinity with human nature, which is in the city, mired in poverty, the darkness of ignorance and backwardness of the total, it is impossible to feel.

The attractive story "Lyudochka" Astafieva?

This story is attractive by the fact that the author is so small works was able to put a number of important issues to the reader.The writer portrayed in vivid art form real picture of life of many people.However, the main task Astafieva probably was to show for all of us, in what abyss we are heading.And if you do not stop in time, humanity threatened with degeneration.It is at this point suggests the story "Lyudochka."Astafjevs encourages us to think about the world and his own soul, to try to change ourselves, to learn to be compassionate neighbor and to love people, to see the beauty of this world and try to save it.After all, beauty is known to save the world.