Krylov's fable "The cock and the pearl": plot and analysis

usually straightforward interpretation of such small pieces as fable."Rooster and the pearl" is no exception, but if someone suddenly in the process of interpretation have problems, we suggest to get acquainted with our understanding of the text.


Rooster delved into the manure pile and found the pearl.The hero does not understand that in your hands (or wings), he got the treasure, and began to complain of destiny and say that he would be more than happy to finding edible, and in general, pearls - the subject of an empty and useless.

Ivan Andreyevich take care of the reader's nerves, so in the last two lines of the product (referring to the fable) Krylov "Rooster and the pearl" is placed morality.


When a person does not understand anything, even if the subject like most, he can not find in it anything important, beautiful and useful.Rather, he declares the thing (or phenomenon) rubbish, and do it all means and loudly to show their "awareness".

easy to understand for whom critical

arrows aimed author.Krylov's fable "The cock and the pearl" exposes the ignorant.They do not want to know anything new, do not have the curiosity to explore the unknown and at the same time seeking to give his ignorance of "dissenting opinion".

IAKrylov Socrates

analogy suggests, is not it?Only a wise man can openly admit their ignorance in some matter.Socrates said: "I only know that I know nothing."Why the Greek attitude to yourself without proper respect?It's simple: the more a person knows, the more he realizes how little he actually knows.Scope of ignorance expands with the sphere of knowledge, the first is much greater than the second, and the process of expansion of these spaces in the potential is endless.But what is obvious to the sage, is a mystery to the ignorant.A fable "The cock and the pearl," says not a sage.

Why do people persist in their delusion?

Of course, it is clear that man must manage noble motives (the desire for truth, for example), but in fact it is completely surrender to the power of fear, a man of his servant.If we remember that for most of our lives, we are afraid, first "babaek" in a dark corner, then that fail the exam (school, university), and then - do not find a job, then - do not pay the loan.Finally, someone just afraid of death, sudden death.

People are so accustomed to fear that it poisons even such a wonderful occupation, as knowledge.The man even here can not grow wings and get off the ground, forgetting earthly vale of sorrow, but instead he kept even worried that it transcends.Such is the man.

But most is not so refined fear.Usually people are very afraid of being wrong, because everyone thinks that his life is the best, and his experience is invaluable, and only the wise men to spit on his life and experience, and they are right in the eyes of most, because they are given the knowledge of the soul.

And all these arguments at first glance seem far from what Krylov wrote."Rooster and the pearl" (as well as any fable) - deeply philosophical work that affects several layers of being.