An analysis of the poem "She was sitting on the floor ..." Tyutchev

Classics distinguished by the fact that time has no power over it.Pass the year, the century, and the product of all as important as in the early days of the publication, as well worried minds and souls as well makes empathize.And it is easy to prove by making an analysis of the poem "She was sitting on the floor ...".

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Literary suggest that the poem was dedicated to Ernestine Tiutcheva Feodorovna, nee Pfeffel.

doing an analysis of the poem "She was sitting on the floor ...", the reader can not help realize that Ernestina relationship with her husband was not all smooth.Love that burned between the two of which connected their hearts and fate, met the obstacle?

Yes, it was true.Elena Denisiev beloved poet, broke Departed for family life.Being the same age as Tiutchev daughter from his first marriage, beloved poet incurred the violent accusations of secular society, from her family and friends denied.

himself Tiutchev could not find a solution in this situation.He suffered

torturing lawful wedded wife and mistress.To hide an extramarital affair was impossible.And Ernestine understood that love for her husband is not the same that the old feelings - is what has already passed ... Permanently ...

Classic - this is something that is close to our contemporaries

analysis of the poem "She sat on the floor and a pile of lettersunderstand ... "it can not be done without drawing analogies with the present.Anguish of infidelity, betrayal, loss of love - not all these experiences to this day do not torment people?

If you do not associate with the personality of the poet's verses, with his biography, it is possible to imagine a situation where a woman-mother received the terrible news of the death of his son during the war or military service or in prison.And she remembers the past years, no tears to cry.It just goes through leaflets, written in very familiar handwriting.And the author - it's just an observer, whose heart aches on the type of picture.

But we can assume that a young girl found out about the marriage the boy she was waiting right out of the army.And the author is no longer an outside observer, as a messenger?

But literary critics argue, making analysis of the poem "She was sitting on the floor ...": Tiutchev gave in verses state of his wife learned of her husband's infidelity, and a sense of crowding him in this situation.Although today many people in moments of mental slush try on this poetic creation itself.And this despite the fact that few people today enjoys letters on bumagonositelyah.

analysis of the poem "She was sitting on the floor ...ยป

The product is small in volume.In four stanzas described the woman's condition, her feelings and experiences of the observer-author.Lyrical heroine does not say a single sound.She does not cry, do not cry, do not owed.However, making an analysis of the poem "She was sitting on the floor ...", the reader realizes that the screams of unbearable pain the soul of a woman.The silence and slowness of movement only enhance contrast.

first line is filled with a flurry of emotions.Sitting on the floor is possible only in the most critical situations: from the deadly weariness, grief, cover human as tsunamis, from helplessness and loneliness.Moreover, this fight if you know that the lyrical heroine - a lady of high society.She despised moral standards, it is already not care what outsiders think about it.

second line of not less than bright, than the first.Critics argue, making analysis of the poem "She was sitting on the floor ...": Tiutchev is not just a metaphor introduces a poem, drawing an analogy with the letters cooled ashes.It's not the letter looked like ash it is life itself cooled with feelings.Lyrical cold, lonely, bitter.

second stanza in power even surpasses the first, continuing her thought.There is no longer even a movement.This description view of women.In it - bewilderment, shock."As souls look down upon them cast body" - is metaphorically the author says that the soul of the once beloved and loving his woman died.And the return to the past can not be!

third stanza intensifies the meaning of what was said in the second.Yes, I killed the love and joy, life itself is killed, though human body still breathes, thinks, makes a certain movement.And the author uses verbs in the past tense, which gives the entire nature of the product memories.

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Critics argue, making analysis of the poem "She sat on the floor and a pile of letters to understand ...": Tiutchev suffers no less than the heroine herself.This is reflected in the last stanza.It shows itself in inaction, in silence.But the words "was about to fall on his knees," reveal the greatest suffering he is experiencing.However, the author does not.Why is that?Apparently, he realizes that the culprit was the suffering of the soul close, he understands that his actions will only aggravate them.And so he was silent, looking at the floor sitting on the ex-wife and he suffers immensely.

Leo Tolstoy thought highly Tyutchev love lyrics, speaking of his poems, the poet knew how to express the feelings that almost no words.