What is an elephant without a nose?

be able to find answers to a variety of puzzles is necessary not only in childhood.After all, today the social networks a lot of games based on the different kinds of jobs.And the question: "What is an elephant without a nose?" - Are often found among the mysteries.

Humorous answers

When the mind does not have any answer to the question "What elephant without a nose", most turned for help to a virtual friend.And here begins that!Each is committed to find a clever option, or rather - to come up with it.

For example, there is such a cool answer to the riddle "What elephant without a nose": "This is a porcelain elephant, who fell from the shelf to the floor ... If he just hit his nose, then he, of course, broke away."Here and found the answer to the question: "What is an elephant without a nose?" - Though a bit sad ...

deprives any animal noses syphilitic?

There are some wags to suggest that noseless elephant can become if pereboleet syphilis.However, science has proved that it is a sexually tr

ansmitted disease only human.The animals were able to infect with syphilis, but the clinical manifestations of the disease have lacked.Thus, animals are simply tanks, which keep the strains pale treponem.

The only exceptions are the monkeys who are able to hurt like a man.Therefore, one can not say that the elephant's trunk loses, it had been ill with venereal disease.And you have to look for another answer to the question "What elephant without a nose."Our Mystery and still remains unsolved.

Fish Elephant

Ichthyologists not say that the question "What is an elephant without a nose?" - A mystery.Because they have long known that there is a wonderful creation of the planet - the fish, which faces the front of the highly stretched.Perhaps that is why it got such a funny name.Externally snout resembles the build-up, similar to the trunk.But this, of course, not!Nothing to do with the respiratory system has no external feature.

Aquarists not so long ago, were able to contain the fish.Her home to find reservoirs of Central and West Africa.It also includes Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria.Due to the complexity of the content of her captivity she found us very often.The cause and an amazing ability to communicate fish elephants - with weak electrical impulses.

Neto nose of an elephant and never did!

A more correct answer is the one stating that all the elephants are Beznosov.After all, if you think about it, the very question is incorrect.In the largest contemporary land mammals breathing organ called the trunk, but not the nose!And it is not only the animal breathes, but can take food, grab the offender and throwing it against the ground, drag the trees to clear the way, a child holding mother's tail, so as not to get lost and not be left behind.Therefore, we can boldly assert that all the elephants do not have noses.

These are the question "What elephant without a nose" answers can be given.And they think the authors of this puzzle?They have some other options?

correct answer to the riddle of the online game

actually interesting answers are hiding in the synonyms of the word.It turns out that the bishop called a bag.Naturally, this value is not related to a living being, so the nose of the elephant have not and can not be.

but invented the puzzle, probably had in mind a different answer.After all, the game is not just a matter of "a bishop without a nose," 9 letters should contain the answer - this is an update to the unraveling.

reviewing the list of synonyms for the word "elephant", each mark and the option of "officer."That's called a chess piece in the popular board game.Therefore, the answer to the riddle will be the word "chess".

historical figure that walks on the chess field diagonally to any length, leaping over the other, had the appearance of a mammal with a trunk.But over time it changed.Current chess differ from the ancients.And the elephant does not like the shape of the animal, even remotely.It does not have not only the nose, the trunk, but also other distinctive features of the animal.

So curious person will find a lot of answers to a simple question, if you put in front of such a task.And along the way he finds something interesting, for example, why a bag called the elephant and how elephants communicate fish looked like a chess piece elephant in the past and whether the animals are sick with syphilis.