A little lesson: how to tie a belt on a kimono

In some types of martial arts belt on a kimono shows the degree of skill Contestants its shade.In addition to this function, it also has Bole important task to keep the jacket from plowing, thus depriving the enemy's advantage in the capture.This tie belt should be so that it does not interfere with the athlete.The complexity of this action is that the lap belt has a length of from 3.2 to 2.8 meters.

Note that tying a knot to secure the machines has its own.It consists of several stages.First you need to add up the sash in half to determine the middle.Then he pulled in front of him so that the center was just opposite the navel.For better fixation of the trunk is wrapped doubled ends of refineries and back and cross again wrapped ahead.It is also necessary to ensure that the closure will be of equal length.It follows that the answer to the question of how to tie a belt on a kimono, is not particularly difficult, the main thing - do stretch mildly.It must close-fitting shape, but without excessive co

mpression of internal organs and the external muscles of the body.

crisscrossing ends, you must make sure that the left will be the top right, then it is passed easily from the bottom up through two layers of material.Then wrapped around the left end of the right, who is constantly at the bottom, and is a beautiful and durable assembly.Moreover, its location must be strictly horizontal projection.It ends the process of orderly stringing all in different directions.

Now consider how to tie belt on a kimono so as to match the appearance of the overall aesthetics of the athlete.To do this, highlight some important nuances:

  • protruding ends at the bottom of the assembly should be longer than the edges of the jacket, but not below the knee;
  • ideal length by the established rules of twenty to thirty centimeters;
  • ends must necessarily be the same as they are on the eastern legends, identify the harmony of body and spirit of athletes involved in martial arts.

After a full understanding of how to tie a belt on a kimono, and the successful resolution of the problem, you can go to the gym.During the lessons we must constantly monitor the state of the node, in particular, for its reliable fixation.If the sash stops to look as it should be, it is better to stop the action and tie it by following the above instructions.

interesting point is that, having received the theoretical knowledge on how to tie a belt on a kimono, in practice, you may encounter some difficulties.The fact itself that such actions produce rather inconvenient.Therefore it is better to practice on his friend or training partner.Of course, one can not cease to practice and to itself (for example, in front of the mirror) to consolidate the results.

remains to say that tying belt kimono easy as tying the knot a tie, so the constant practice, sooner or later will lead to success.