Types of equestrian sport - the variety and splendor of riding

times when almost every type of equestrian sport was considered aristocratic sophistication, in the past.Demand creates supply - known truth, so the situation has changed dramatically.Today, any large, and often not very city there are sports associations, the program of which there are different kinds of equestrian sports, as well as training sessions for riding.

Equestrian combines various kinds of competitions in the riding.The main of them is considered to be riding and driving in harness.More specifically on driving under the saddle, then here are the following types of equestrian sports: dressage, overcoming obstacles, jumping record, relay races, etc.With regard to the program of the Olympic Games, then it usually includes competitions in dressage, eventing and overcoming obstacles.

Riding - is primarily aesthetics, so the need for appropriate training equipment for equestrian sport.In order to participate in official competitions and it did set some sort of dress code.For competitions with

obstacles and field trials for the riders civilian professions is a black frock coat, white coat, white breeches, black zhokeyka, black boots, a white shirt with a tie.For riders with international certificate jacket should be red, for the military - the corresponding form.Also, riders taking part in the dressage, wearing suit, hat and white gloves.For competitions in harness or optional cylinder caps.

course, the greatest interest is the Olympic kinds of equestrian sport.In the Olympic dressage competition held in individual and team championships.Each country starts at 3 rider.Dressage Program consists of several figures that participants must perform a memory on the court with the size 60h20 meters.Dressage program composed of the International Equestrian Federation, is valid for 4 years, ienot less than the full Olympic cycle.

Jumping Events are also held in individual and team championships.Total each team are on the 4 rider and space will eventually be distributed according to the typed points, or rather, starting from the least number of penalty points earned.

As aforementioned types of equestrian sports, eventing is included in the Olympic program.It consists of three parts and is held over several days.The competition in Dressage figures include the performance of medium difficulty (Class M).Field tests conducted at a distance of about 30 kilometers.Segment A - riding a distance of 7 km of roads and paths, cut into - Steeplechase- 3.6 km with obstacles, Section C - 8-14 kilometers over rough terrain, the segment D - cross at a distance of 7.2 km long.On the last day of competitions the show jumping.As a rule, it is the overcoming of 12-14 obstacles height of more than 1 meter.The route for this species competition - about 800 m.