What is Karate actually

What karate in general knows that.But in fact it is certainly not the case.What about the many aspects related to this martial art, there are common misconceptions.It is noteworthy that not even all of those involved in them, can answer that the word "karate".

In fact, this "Chinese hand".This version of the fight, borrowed in China.Hundreds of years of karate in Okinawa cultivated, while in Japan it is about no one knew.Once the three Okinawan fighter in Japan and opened a local karate school, which were later called a classic.During the heyday of the Empire, all over looking for Japanese roots.It also touched and karate.Character "car", indicating China was replaced by the same-sounding "empty.""China hand" has become a "blank (unarmed) hand."This sound of the Japanese learned that karate is.In this embodiment, the authorities supported the new martial art with a Japanese name.

Untrained viewers, seeing how hard objects broken arms, credited with supernatural effectiveness of the technique.In fac

t, there is no place for the demonstration.Karate - a path that goes for life, strengthening the spirit and tempering the body, opening up new capabilities.This art does not teach the technique of strikes and the ability to break bricks, it introduces a different way of life, where all is harmony and interdependent.To understand what karate, it must be regarded as a philosophy, not as a sport.Purpose karate - to help society, not hurt people.

main goal of this martial art - training protection.In the art of this kind is not wins and losses, because it is not really a sport.Although now it is exactly the majority and perceived.Yes, indeed, it is also a sport and a martial art that exists in three forms: kumite (free fight), kata (exercise system) and tameshivari (breaking objects).

If you choose a sport, then you will help determine the direction of coach karate.However, in the first place is still self-defense technique that turns itself into the arms of your body.This technique of warfare is diverse ways to counter their opponents.Regardless of what reception chooses an opponent, there will always be a part of the body that would be exposed, which allows kontrpriemy and reflect the attack.

gradation reflect belt karate skills and degrees.Student degree - kyu (total 9), workshops - given (9).Colors zones vary in skill level.The higher the level, the darker the shade.Previously, there were only two pupils belt, and now seven (from white to brown).Master wear black.

If you want to feel what karate, familiarize yourself with the basic postulates.This art is important kraynayaya degree of determination.In no case should not lose self-control, even if you are attacked with a weapon (including a firearm).It is not allowed to attack first, and use their skills only for protection.If you agree with this, then, karate - for you.