The most dangerous kind of sport and its consequences

From ancient times it was believed that a healthy lifestyle and sports harden a person's character, make it more stress-resistant and strong.Engage is certainly useful, and recorded in the gym, you are making a huge step towards perfection, excellent physical condition and beauty.But despite all these qualities, this activity may cause irreparable harm to humans, and sometimes death can occur.Wanting to get a big dose of adrenaline, people often go to rash acts, in advance without knowing what they will.

most dangerous sport is very difficult to identify, so consider those that are very popular with people wanting to go to extreme situations.

BASE jumping

most dangerous sport, honorable won first place in the rating of the US "Forbes" - BASE Jumping.This kind of life-threatening entertainment differs from parachute jumps only to those that are jumping from skyscrapers, cliffs, bridges, antennas and other high objects.The complexity and the risk is that you need a short time to have time to open the

parachute and roll over in the right position for a touchdown.Over 35 years of BASE jumping, killing about 170 people.


This dangerous sport appeared not so long ago and continues to gain the attention of adventure seekers.Vulkanobording came up with a small group of people.The idea is that the participants, dressed in special protective suits, helmets and shields on their feet, descend on the boards from the top of the Cerro Negro volcano, which is located in Nicaragua.It should be noted that the height of the volcano about 726 meters and descending speed reaches 80 km / h.Cerro Negro is the most young and active volcano in North America.The last eruption here was in 1999.But the threat to skiers bears not the volcano, but pebbles and rock, located on the surface, which can be severely injured by the fall.


This is the most dangerous sport is illegal, it can not compete and take part.Its essence is to ride on the running board, or the roof of a moving train at high speed.The risk is that these "passengers" may fall off the train or cripple at the entrance to the tunnel.Very often desperate adventurers, engaged in this sport, you can meet on the subway wagons.


Making Sense with another view, fall into the category "the most dangerous sport."Speedriding is a kind of combination of skiing and paragliding.The bottom line is that adventurers descend from the snowy slope on a special parachute and freeride skiing.This kind of entertainment there very long, but has already become a favorite among experienced skiers and parachutists.


fifth place in the ranking of "most dangerous sports" takes to rock climbing.Despite the excellent equipment and gear, in this kind of extreme relaxation it is also not without casualties.Bad weather, avalanches, landslides, rock - it's not all that can wait for tourists on the mountain path to the goal.Frostbite and hypothermia, lung disease and lack of oxygen often leads to death.

All of the types of extreme pastime, no doubt interesting, but are a direct threat to life and health.