Fabio Capello - professional with character

Fabio Capello was destined to be a footballer.Football is played by his father - a school teacher, and his uncle Mario and all made a career in this field.He started playing in an unknown "Perise", but very soon the talented football player have noticed in "Roma", after which the player has signed his first professional contract.

After two seasons with the capital club, Fabio moved to Juventus Turin, and after - in Milan, with whom he won domestic titles - the championship and Italian Cup.In parallel, the footballer was summoned to the national team, which, however, no progress was gained."Milan" has become the latest club Fabio Capello as a player in 1979, he ended his career.

In order to become a player of a coach, it took 8 years.It is through this time period Capello returned to the world of football, but ironically it was the same "Milan".Moreover, in addition to Spanish, "Granda" Madrid "Real", coached at club level he's the same trio, which once played - "Milan", "Roma" and "Juventus".As a c

oach, Fabio Capello got more trophies.This and numerous championship in Serie "A", and the Italian Cup and the Spanish championship and the UEFA Super Cup, and the most important European club trophy - the Champions League.By the way, with respect to so many achievements, there are many skeptical opinions.They all boil down to the fact that coach Fabio Capello've only famous clubs - the giants of European football.As you know, these employers often satisfy the requirements of the coach regarding the purchase of a player, a coach that he wants to see the team.Naturally, with the top players earn trophies easier, and Don Fabio merit their winner, according to the skeptics, is minimal.On the other hand, the history of football, only in recent years knows dozens of examples where the clubs have more money for these funds to buy expensive players invited to coach "named", but the team as a result not only did not shine, they showed mediocre results- such as clubs, middle peasants with a budget ten times smaller.

But to return to Fabio Capello.His biography is very uncommon, as does the character.Many interesting facts known about the life of this great world of football man: it is the unwillingness to enter into a contract with an agent (documentation Don Fabio helps his son, Pier Filippo, who has a law degree), and a passion for creativity of Leo Tolstoy, and unique way of communicating withplayers, which allowed him to become a truly great coach.

From 2008 to 2012, the coach led the national team of England futblou, but last year the fate has prepared a new challenge Fabio Capello.Russia has high hopes for the new big-name coach, and there are all preconditions that these hopes are justified.It so happened that all the teams that he had ever trained, have the highest rank, be it a club or national team.The Russian team is to those that are not true of a stretch, but for some reason to believe that this project will not be a spoon of tar in a barrel of Capello's coaching, which means that the team will succeed.