Football field has a special layout and dimensioning

Everyone knows that the field for soccer rectangular shape, but it is unlikely many will say exactly, what should it be size.And if you look specifically at the time of broadcast of the match from different arenas, we can see that the fields are a different size.Yes, and cover them different, sometimes even artificial.

What a football field should be, really?This is clearly stipulated in the governing documents of the major international organizations of the sport - FIFA and UEFA.It can be both natural and artificial grass.Currently, these lawns its properties do not differ from each other.

Size field length may range from 90 to 120 and a maximum width - from 45 to 90 meters.However, in order to hold matches of international level will suit only those who have the length from 100 to 110, and the width - from 64 to 75 m. In general, FIFA is seeking to all the football field was the same: 105 meters long and 68 wide.But in any case, must be respected the main rule, which states that the lateral line

is required to be longer than the goal line.

And football field should be correctly oriented on the horizon.It is recommended to build a stadium in such a way that their longitudinal axis is directed to the north.This is necessary to reduce the influence of the sun on the game.It should be noted that in Europe, international matches are held only in such fields.

Layout football field by using lines of no more than 12 cm wide.Long side were called, and the short - this is the goal line.Exactly poseredinke field is divided another feature.This so-called median line, which is the center of the field.Around this point carried out a circle with a radius of 9.15 m.

On each half of the fields are marked goal area and the penalty area.They are symmetrical about the center line of the field.The goal area ends at the level of 5.5, and a penalty - by 16.5 m.

in each penalty area, exactly in the center of the goal line, applied the 11-meter mark, with which the players break through a penalty.From her, outside the box, there is an arc radius of 9.15 m. It helps the judge keep track of the players during a penalty (except for perforation) did not fit the ball closer to this mark.

Football field in four corners of a special flagpoles, which should reach the height of 1.5 m. According to the rules of safety, they are not at the top of pointed and made of flexible materials.Each corner is marked angular sector - the fourth part of a circle whose radius is 1 m. Sometimes flagpoles installed 1 meter from the intersection of the center line to the side.

Each gate has a football field, installed on the center line of the special.This is a very simple design of the two uprights connected by a horizontal crossbar.The height of the racks must be 2.44 m and the distance between them is 7.32 m. To the gate outside the box is fixed mesh.Crossbar and posts painted white.

Off the field there is also a specially marked place - tech Zone.It arranged during the match coaches and reserve players.