How to bandage the right hand when doing boxing

boxing match held in the ring, which is a site in the form of a square with a side length of five to six meters.On all sides the "battlefield" is surrounded by several rows of ropes stretched tight enough between the four corner posts.

According to the rules of boxing are allowed to strike only the relevant part of the fist.They are made with great force and did not spare the opponent.Naturally, for such attacks must be used means to protect the hands from a wide variety of injuries.Protection are special boxing gloves, and a wound on the right wrist bandages.

How to bandage the hand, usually for the first time shows the athlete coach.This procedure is absolutely necessary to do so.Since the hand of man is made up of small bones, which are quite poorly secured between a ligament system (for better mobility of the joints).

Occupation boxing implies a systematic strikes by both wrists to the head, shoulders and torso of the opponent.At constant punched exposed to severe stress, so it is very importa

nt to tighten them.Bases phalanges middle and index fingers of withstanding the high loads at impact (as compared to the other fingers of the hand).Therefore, it would be wise to strike by them.

for boxing is perfectly normal that bruises and sprains brushes meet regularly on the daily training of athletes.The most serious injuries are usually prepared novice boxers.Then, they still do not know how to bandage his hands before the fight.Moreover, a young athlete is not able to choose the vulnerable and open places on the body of his opponent.

Lack of a clenched fist, his incorrect position, bumps, applied to solid parts of the body of the enemy (such as the forehead or the ribs) - the main reason why boxers are seriously injured hands.Upon receipt of such injuries sometimes do not even have to talk about his return to the sport or have to undergo intensive treatment and recovery.

necessary to start driving range on special shells or mannequins, but before that to ask the experienced craftsmen how to bandage the hands correctly.For a visual example, see the plan diagram below.

bandaged hand in accordance with the supplied image, you will be sure that the joints are firmly tightened, and that to a large extent be able to protect the hands from damage.Engage zabintovkoy best on their own, as in this case, you can be good to feel how hard you must pull off the brush with a bandage.

not tighten the cloth too much, otherwise the hand is numb due to impaired blood flow.With a weak contraction of the bandage can slide right during training or combat with the enemy, and, accordingly, is bandaging will not protect against the risk of injury.

Now that we know how to bandage his hands, it is safe to start classes in boxing.After reviewing all the rules of the sport and to find the right tools, you will aim to win the match.