ABC fighter: how to increase the power punch

strong do not like to disclose their secrets, and as a result, how to increase the strength of punch, you can find very little useful information.In particular, it is usually written that strike can not deliver on their own and need to train with an experienced fighter or a coach who knows exactly what he is doing.We decided to correct this injustice and organize all the knowledge necessary to the beginner to understand how to increase the strength of punch.Read more and absorb knowledge!

How to increase the strength of punch: characteristics

What impact indicators, and how to develop them?Frankly speaking, without embellishment of Shao-Lin masters, all the characteristics and fighting exercises for stroke can be divided into three parameters: speed, strength and technique.Below we list the various exercises in which you will be able to develop each of them.

Speed ​​

best exercises for speed hitting boxers worked out still a century ago: you take in each hand weights 5-10 kg and start sparring

with shadow, drawing and combining the same punches you in a familiar rhythm.Within a minute you will feel all your muscles ache with fatigue, but do not stop there: thus once you kill three birds with one stone.On the one hand, you strengthen your muscles and make them stronger, on the other hand, increase endurance performance by teaching them to endure long load, and in the end, in the exercise without weight, you will feel that they have become much faster in motion.

Tip: another very interesting exercise from Wushu fighters.Shadow boxes in the pool underwater.The speed of your impact on the ability of your body to overcome air resistance, as well as the density of water is much higher, then practicing in such circumstances, you will be much faster.


about how to increase the strength of punch in a real fight, oddly enough, can be read in a textbook on anatomy.What is power?This mass multiplied by acceleration.Accordingly, if you are working on speed, you will remain to work only on their weight and thus you will increase the strength of its impact.Try to gain more muscle mass: Work with large weights in the heavy basic exercises.

Another secret of how to increase the strength of punch, hidden in the density of the playing surface.For this purpose (to increase density), various brass knuckles, and that is more efficient and honest way, stuffed knuckle surface, aligning the knuckles, making a fist in a real hammer.For the same purpose, you can simply push-ups from the floor of the stand with their fists.


Proper technique of impact - is 50% of its power.It is well placed kick originates in the heel feet, beating the opposite hand, and only then, accumulating inertial force of the legs, back, torso and arms, kicking out at the point of a fist.By the way, why use an open hand to strike much more efficient (one bone compound involved in the strike) than even a well-stuffed fist, because in the second case, the strike involved more than 30 bone joints that are not only extremely traumatic, but also dampens 20-25% impact force.