Tips novice skaters how to skate properly?

It's summer, which means that in yards, parks and squares will rollers.Fans of this sport is becoming more and not only among the younger generation.Often seen as a family at full strength speeding on rollers.But many of those who are trying in any way to resist and drive a couple of meters.How to skate so that it is not a shame to others?

Of course, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time, effort and money by purchasing expensive rolls and exhausting yourself workouts, but worthy to ride, too, need to be able to.

There is much talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, to visit the gym and the different sections - it has become very fashionable.How to skate and have fun at the same time?We must remember that if you go for a drive on a regular basis, in addition to delight you gain a slender figure and good posture, strengthen the legs and buttocks tighten, strengthen the heart muscle, increase the mobility of their joints and endurance.Also skating promotes excretion of toxins and has many

more advantages.

How rollerblade and, if possible, to protect themselves from the risk of injury?We need to take care of protection.If we are just learning to skate, you should not neglect a good outfit.

believed that the necessary thing - a helmet.And here is how to skate and to protect the feet from injury?This will help you kneepads.Although they will save your feet from injuries, but will greatly restrict movement.If you feel that the videos were in a hole, and you fall to the side, then there can help elbow.Their only drawback is that they also limit the mobility.

most important attribute is the roller gear gloves.They will help protect the hands from fractures and abrasions on his hands and wounds.This effect is achieved due to the fact that in a special glove sewn rigid insert.With proper drop roller to stand on rollers and hands, so gloves - it is a necessary thing.

When questions addressed equipment, roller skating is time to take care of.

first movie should not be too expensive, but buying plastic Chinese fakes, too, not worth it.Rigid crackled bearings constantly rub sore feet shoes made of cheap plastic, which strongly sweat legs - all this may discourage any desire to ride on roller skates.The surest solution is to buy a mid-priced commercials.If you are a beginner skater, it will be the most affordable option that will allow you to comfortably try out a new hobby, and to draw conclusions for the future.

how to skate properly: Tips for beginners

  • most important rule - better to start the company.It is fun and interesting, but, most importantly, experienced guys can always tell a good site or to help in the development of techniques and tactics of riding.
  • Do not ride in the rain or after it - directly bearing rust.
  • Remember the defense.
  • not put skates on the brakes and try to go fast.
  • If you always have to be a hexagon, and a first aid kit.