The reaction rate and techniques to improve its

reaction rate is one of the main characteristics of any living organism.It is very important to respond to external irritants was instantaneous, as some of them may not meet a dangerous and even deadly.

From the beginning of the direct impact of the stimulus until the response should always take some time, during which the action turns on the response of muscles, which are responsible for the speed of the reaction rate already.Time for the delay is called "latency response time."It is determined by the rate of metabolism, and is characterized by the individual characteristics of a particular organism.This latency time can not train as a physiologically impossible to speed up the transmission of nerve impulses.

average speed of human response to a visual signal is only about a quarter of a second.This figure depends on the nervous system.An example is the human response to a sufficiently strong irritation, which can be life-threatening.When you flick the hand from the hot stove brain takes no part.T

he signal from the receptor on the nerve fiber enters the spinal cord and then directly to the muscle, while passing by the three nerve cells: neurons, sensory neurons and motor neurons.The rate of reaction in the form of a nerve impulse in this case the measured number of several tens of meters per second.

first man pulls his hand, and then later he appeared pain.This is due to a slower speed signal that extends from pain receptors in the brain nerve fibers of a different type than listed above.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtest the human response to a stone flying into it, is this: Through the eyes transmitted a signal about the movement, not only in the brain, where it needs to be processed, but also on specific nerve pathways to the muscles, which helps to ensure fastreaction and care direction.

Thanks to the achievements of today's medical scientists were able to prove that a person can increase the rate of reaction.Studies have been conducted on footballers, hockey players and tennis players, who were trained at the same time the concentration of the attention at several sites.Results showed that after the simultaneous learning ability "absorption" of more information with productive use of its increased by 53%.

reaction rate is one of the main qualities that may determine the outcome of the battle in the ring.After all, from the accuracy and speed of response to enemy action often depends not only on the victory in the battle, but also the lives and health of the fighters themselves.

improve responsiveness to stimuli that precede a dangerous action can be achieved by, for example, the reaction is not to blow himself and the initial preparations for it.After all, the enemy before striking, always looking at the goal, straining muscles, posture changes, etc.You only need to work out some kind of reflex and lay unconscious in response to a new stimulus.