How to win in a fight in the street, not possessing the martial arts?

Even if you are a former champion of the district, city, region, country, finally, karate, judo, sambo, and so on - it does not guarantee your victory in a fight in the street.Fight with bullies and demonstrations in front of the judges - is heaven and earth.Melee fighting in the street do not have rules and laws.There is only one rule: to be the winner and must be defeated.

Sadly, none of us is immune from attack.At stake may be not only money, respect, health, and life.Time to think about how to win the fight, will not be the only choice - win or lose.


1. Many people think that are important in the fight tactics, power, skill.In fact this is not true.All this is, of course, a necessary condition, but not the main one.And those have always been and will be the psychological readiness and strength of spirit.
How to win in a street fight?How to become mentally prepared?

Here are some tips:
- watch out for all those in the field of view, and a sober assessment of a person's ability to atta

ck you.So you'll always be prepared.And the attack will not be for you unawares;
- if you feel threatened, do not panic, but rather to scroll silently in his head a plan of action;
- assess the situation immediately.See if you can talk with your opponents;
- if the truce fails, attack first.Your goal - to destroy the enemy with the first two strikes.

principles of victory in a street fight:
- attack should be as rigid;
- using the most effective methods of its arsenal.Beat the places that are most vulnerable, and use protective equipment;
- your enemy must be defeated first-second strike;
- try to neutralize the attack you during that whatever the cost, or if it will be a winner, not have to wait for mercy.

2. There is a special algorithm of actions, prompting how to win in a fight: assessment of the situation - a plan of action - the interception of the initiative - striking - an escape from the battlefield.

3. Forward you will always be stronger, or he would be afraid to attack.How to win in a fight, when the forces are unequal?This will help you a special training system.It is better to deal with two to three times a week to be in good shape.
Note that should never under any circumstances be exceeded self-defense.

Useful tips

If you want to win in street fights, you need the following:
- continually fulfill receptions.You can select the first about five, but they must be honed to automaticity.In the future, you can learn new techniques;
- should learn to use the strikes in tandem;
- to include training exercises for endurance;
- exercise should be simple, but suitable only to you;
- better to train on simulators that simulate the opponent's pieces;
- engaged in with friends or join a section of unarmed combat.

Note: physical strength and a good punch - it's not the same thing.The impact must be put right.This technique may have even unremarkable people.In any strike importantly - the ability to, and on which we must work and physical fitness simply attached.If you want to know how to win the fight, you need to work on yourself and your body, then all questions will disappear.