How to choose a quality soccer ball

now football is the most popular sport on the planet.This game simply could not exist and develop so successfully, if at the time was not invented football.As history shows, in his role as advocated anything, if only for him could punch.Used even pig bladder, which later began to be placed in a leather sheath.Fortunately, in 1862 he invented the first rubber camera, then started the mass production of round balls that are inflated with a pump.Beginning in 1937, the shell has a clearly limited weight of between 410 to 450 grams.

Many of us like to spend their free time playing soccer with his friends.Therefore balls for practicing this sport enjoyed high popularity, which leads to the production of numerous imitations, which attract buyers bright colors, however, are very impractical and quickly tear.Let's try to understand how to choose a quality football.

first important parameter - a country of manufacture.Despite the fact that the English are considered the founders of football balls made mostly

in India and Pakistan.However, this does not mean that they are bad.The fact that, according to statistics, about 80 percent of high-quality football shells produced here.All this suggests the idea that we should not pay extra money just for the fact that the product is made ostensibly in England, Italy or Germany.At the same time I want to focus on the fact that the same Adidas footballs are produced exclusively in Asia, and nowhere else.

following caveat - the size.No matter how beautifully recommend a particular product, the seller, remember that different age groups have different grading grams and centimeters.In particular, the smallest weight and circumference of a soccer ball of the third dimension.It is designed for those children who are under eight years."Four" is designed for young players aged from 8 to 12 years.But those who are older, you should opt for №5.Note that each football applied the appropriate designation.

Next, you must learn from what made accessory.Now there is a stereotype that the ball must be leather.This is wrong, because the skin under the influence of moisture heavier.Therefore, plating is used as polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride.The first one is more expensive and better.The main thing that was a little more of its layers.Ask, which is made from the camera.If it is made of butyl rubber, the air will stay much longer.However, if the material for it appears natural latex, beat will be much nicer and softer.Therefore, the best time to time to pump your shell game and have a lot more fun.

last important aspect is the figure.Best footballs obtained pattern on the tire prior to crosslinking.The presence of paint on the joints seams indicates it appears at the very end and low quality products.It is natural that when you select should be guided by the recommendations of FIFA.FIFA Inspected mark confirms that the ball is suitable for various types of fields, of course, with the exception of asphalt coating.In the professional versions emblazoned inscription FIFA Approved, but they are very expensive.