The pistol with a silencer - modern weapons

gun - a kind of handgun that is designed for firing at short distances.The first such devices were singly charged.Modern guns threaded and have a volume shop.

With the explosion of the powder charge in a cartridge is a loud noise caused by the muzzle with powder gases coming out of the barrel after the bullet.Also departing the charge also is not silent.If the speed of the bullet than 330 m / s, it also creates a ballistic shock wave.This all can add sounds from the moving parts of weapons.

This feature guns when firing is often undesirable.For example, in the battle loud shots may unmask or hunting flush out game.The first device for suppressing such noise appeared in the late nineteenth century.But in the last century began their serial production.

Soon, however, many states have imposed restrictions on the purchase of these devices, as they are often taken for service gangs.

pistol with a silencer does not create excessive noise by reducing the speed and temperature of the muzzle blast.The sim

plest device to reduce the sound - a nozzle with one or two expansion chambers, which are separated by transverse diaphragms.Its action is based on the expansion of propellant gases before release into the atmosphere, whereby the noise is suppressed.However, a disadvantage of this device is that some of the gas ahead of the bullet.

modern pistol with a silencer can not only be virtually silent, and fire without flame.Such weapons in the USSR was made in the 50s for the security personnel.It could be divided into two groups: the army and the KGB.In the second case required special ammunition.Pistol with a silencer for the army were established on the basis of Stechkin and a Makarov.They were made for parts of the military intelligence and Special Forces.The basis for the silent PB was a Makarov pistol with a silencer.The device for eliminating sound of a shot at this weapon was integrated, collapsible, standing in two parts.This allows you to take a silencer nozzle and before application to quickly install it.PB inherited from Makarova trigger mechanism.The fuse was located on top of the gate.When the trigger he was filming a platoon automatically.

pistol with a silencer is often used for combat purposes.Particularly during special operations where the shots should not produce noise or flame.Such weapons may be less effective than the mini-machine guns or rifles, but they are suitable for concealed carry.The pistol with a silencer, "High Standard" often used by intelligence and special forces of many countries due to its high accuracy.The same can be said about the model Ruger MK22 LR.They have a high hit accuracy at a distance of 70 meters or more.Such guns are popular among many of the best intelligence services in the world.In particular, they are used Mossad agents and units "Navy SEALs".