Knives for throwing - sports and military weapons

Throwing Knives - an exciting experience for serious men.It is a sport that requires some physical preparation, attention, concentration, hard training.At the same time, throwing blades - real martial art.Throwing knives, daggers and stilettos with a short blade - all extant representatives of the "family" of bladed weapons.So any thrower blades, which company acquaintances say about your hobby, be sure to get his share of attention, respect and admiration.

methane can be any knife, even the table, but only as entertainment, for example, to pierce portrait hanging on the wall damaging the boss enemy or poster annoying pop artist.Professional thrower need a real knife throwing.

Battle Blades lost even with a successful hit, so they are considered to be the instrument of a single application.This is due to product design and knives for throwing should be cheap, simple, easy to disguise, but it has good striking properties and to ensure the effectiveness of throwing.A typical foreign models is sharp

ened metal plate and has a handle in the usual way.Most often it is a continuation of the blade, separated by a rudimentary Garden, a small protrusion or recess.At the end of the handle may be located attachment hole.Knives for throwing often stored in special cassettes that can be mounted on the arm or leg.In our country, such a construction of projectile weapons has not received wide development due to climatic features.Most of the population is warm clothing: coats, jackets, coats and fur coats.Lightweight throwing knives simply can not penetrate all the layers of clothing and cause considerable harm to the person.Therefore, in the case of urgent need, the Russian soldiers hurl ordinary army knives.

in throwing sports models, there is not much variety, so in the selection should focus on the size, weight and shape of the product, balancing and quality of steel.This will determine how predictable flight of a knife, the accuracy of hitting the target, and the longevity of weapons.A good set of knives for throwing a perfect gift for any man, and an incentive to do this sport.

first novice in the art of throwing must make sure the input and hold the blade in the target, the so-called "sticking".Of the ten knives thrown at a target at least seven to remain stuck in the target.Only then you can start honing the accuracy of hitting.

Training will look like a repetition of the same steps, and then parse every little detail techniques throw.By the way, the exact result depends not only on good technique, but also on the psychological state of the person, how well it is able to concentrate on his endurance and self-control.From the physical qualities of young athletes should have a good coordination of movements, everything else he gained in the process of training, practicing not only throw the knife, but the rest of the throwing phase: swing, brush work, the adoption of the reference position.