Automatic "Shaft" - silent weapon for the Scout

Machine "Shaft" was designed specifically for the special forces of the USSR in CRI Tochmash Klimovsk.The purpose of its creation - getting small arms firing silently and without flame.

of Soviet models silent weapons while going mainly in three ways.The first - the use of instruments, providing noiseless and flameless fire together with the standard weapons, the second - the improvement of the regular sample and the installation of a silencer.Automatic "Shaft" is a product of the third direction, which is incorporated in the concept of the creation of new guns and ammunition.Because of the contradictions between the various departments creating silent weapon was delayed until mid-eighties ready.Automatic "Shaft" appeared two years after approval of the requirements for the sniper rifle, on the basis of which it was created.

However, delays in the timing characteristics of the positive impact on the silent automatic weapons as one of the technical reasons for the late approval of TTP (tactical and

technical specifications) were increased demands on killing power.These requirements are fully answered, "Shaft."The machine has become an instrument capable of ensuring the defeat of the people, dressed in body armor, from a distance of 400 m, in the development of the rifle it was only about the person protected an army helmet.As a result, coordination has been redesigned for the new sniper rifle ammunition 9h39 mm, and on its basis developed 6P30 ("Val").

Silent Machine "Shaft" is constructed on the basis of vapor automation, having a long stroke gas piston.The piston itself is located above the barrel and firmly connected to the frame of the shutter.The gun is equipped with a trigger mechanism udarnikovy species.Locking barrel by turning the bolt of the cutouts in the receiver, which is made by milling.Such a method of manufacture of the box increased its stiffness, but also increased the cost of tools.For a uniform gas discharge machine "Val" on the walls of the barrel has four rows of the inclined apertures.In this part of the gases leaving the muffler chamber gun bullets during movement along the trunk.Corrosion of steel machine parts are protected burnished.

silencer on the barrel is fixed by means of projections rusks and latches in combination with the spring on the muzzle of the barrel.The separator in the body of the muffler is fixed latch.For sighting can be used as the main open sight (sector, mechanical, adjustable in height) on the exhaust silencer and night sight.The stock at the "Val" collapsible tube.Forend, pistol grip and shops are made of plastic.

uses special subsonic cartridges, two types.SP-5 cartridge has a steel core, the cartridge SP-6 (piercing) - Increase in the core of hardened steel.The first chuck 100 m punches sheet steel 6 mm, the second - 8 mm.Armor-piercing bullets has the potential decommissioning of not only manpower, but lightly armored vehicles.To transport the machine uses a special case in which it is disassembled.His assembly a man having a training takes less than a minute.