The stops for push-ups - how to use?

grips push - this is the simplest, and at the same time very effective tool for the study of muscle groups that usually lie dormant in the body of those who prefer home-fitness room and outdoor training.More Hannibal for King in the American ghetto during their training has developed dozens of new exercises using a simple device - all in order to exercise one could, without paying a penny.

grips ups are different: inclined, horizontal, and so on.But they have one function - to simulate push their fists, which is much stronger triceps involved, and at the same time contribute to a better deflection during push-ups, thanks to which it is possible to work out the inside of the chest, so poorly developed in most athletes.

you still think that it is impossible to pump more and aesthetic muscle mass by exercising in the streets?Take a look at Denis Minin, Hannibal, groups of street athletes Urban, Ghetto Work Out and the Barbarians.These boys and girls - a living example of what not necessarily pay for t

he privilege of owning a beautiful and strong body, and just enough to show a little will and imagination.

What affects the palm push-ups?

Focusing traditionally considered to be the location at hand push-ups, but it is not reasonable to talk about how the hands are located, and that they rely on when performing exercises.The stops for push-ups - is a simple tool, which are small curved tube elevated above the floor of 10-15 centimeters.They can be placed both at home and on the street, if you are important to the quality of the training process.What does the quality?Of course, you can develop your triceps, wringing their fists and forearms - performing the same exercise with the focus on the fingers.But consider for a moment what injury you can cause brittle bones of the hands, bringing them the weight of his body!The stops for push-ups - a convenient and safe alternative, without the risk of pain and which opens up new horizons of training, which, due to affordable pricing tools can comprehend each.


Using stops for push-ups in your training, you can be a simple exercise to work out every detail of his entire upper torso, arms and back.With their help, you can perform the following exercises.

1. hands in front of him, inside the elbow.They work the triceps, shoulders and back.The lion's share of the load is transferred on top of the pectoral muscles.

2. Hands on the maximum width for themselves, the fold of the elbow in the side.They work the latissimus dorsi and the central beam of the chest, shoulder rear beam.It replaces the press of a bar, pull rod to the belt and wiring dumbbells in the slope.

3. Hands under at chest level.He is working on the triceps and the wings, giving an enormous share of the load on these muscles.

4. hands slightly wider than shoulder level, in line with the lower part of the pectoral muscles.The ideal load for the bottom of the chest and the front of the beam arm.Additionally works the triceps and deltoids, which are so difficult to work even in the gym.

Using these types of exercises with stops, you can turn your torso to the dream of any girl, and going to the beach, of course, become the object of sympathy and envy of all the beauties of guys with misshapen bodies!