How to use and where to buy a vest-weighting?

Vest-weighting is used by many athletes to increase strength and endurance performance during the training process.This is achieved by gradually increasing the weight while running, exercising, on the bar or bars.Many athletes also use other types of additional equipment, which includes weights for running, fixed on the legs and arms.As a rule, they are lightweight, but are widely used in training soldiers, and during sprint runs.

Why a vest-weighting?

They are used because our bodies are gradually getting used to the stresses that are able to provide our natural indicators of mass ceases to progress and build muscle mass, as well as to increase the characteristics of strength and endurance.Sports jackets much more comfortable to use than conventional training projectiles because of its narrow focus of specialization.Usually weighting for hands and feet increase more weight by filling sand from one and up to five kilograms.

Vest-weighting and other auxiliary elements in a natural way to increase

your body weight, while psychologically it you almost do not feel and are accustomed to a certain kilometrage in the race or to their regular force indicators.But in the end, after two weeks of training with these devices and then not using them, you will look not only physically stronger, and notice a dramatic leap forward.If you can run using the vest-weighting, five kilometers - and it was your record, that without it you will overpower the same five kilometers, not even out of breath, and without breaking a sweat.

simply irreplaceable similar weighting for those athletes who are engaged in athletics, gymnastics and street workout because it allows them to dramatically increase your results thanks to the emotional lift that occurs at the time of realization of the limits of their physical capabilities and especially when this limit increasesexponentially.

Make or buy?

In principle, the production of the vest will not take you much time and does not hit on the wallet, which is important.You can take any suitable garment, sew pieces of it in the form of a strong fabric pockets with zippers, Velcro or buttons, and elements drawn from the additional weight of a conventional reinforcement, cutting them into small grinder (5-7 cm) sticks 100-200 grams each.The only disadvantage of this self-made vest that no tight fit body is extremely inconvenient, particularly when used during a run or execution of acrobatic elements.But at the same time have the opportunity to complement the vest-weighting their own locks, including a little imagination.The cost of such a vest on the sites will range from one thousand to three thousand rubles.Buy it on Chinese sites can be a half to two times cheaper, but the delivery time from China takes at least a month.