Multiplier reel to help fisherman

Fishing - this is a hobby of many men.To get the maximum benefit from fishing, spend your leisure, fishermen use a different gear.

most significant fishing tool that allows you to successfully achieve these goals - with the multiplier reel system, cranking the handle in one undertaking from 4 to 6 full turns.Multiplier reels today demand among both novice and among avid fishermen - using these accessories, they discover a world of high-quality and enjoyable fishing.

Currently, the market is full of such devices for catching fish are produced by many manufacturers.The most distinguished modern Multiplier reel shimano, which have the characteristics of innovative development, provides a nice, easy and convenient to use this item.Many firms reel shimano - it is easy enough to design an effective system and LCD screen on which the fisherman can see the depth of the dive and the length of its bait holiday.

Multiplier designs have a number of advantages over conventional:

- they can be used in bot

h fresh and sea water;

- housings of coils in most cases solid and high-strength;

- mild stroke;

- high sensitivity (especially necessary when jig fishing);

- the possibility of adjusting to the right or left hand of the user;

- excellent value for money and quality coils.

Due to these advantages, the system for spinning with augmenting rotation of the drum allows to carry out fishing with the required reflux at a very long distance, for example, when catching a motoplavsredstva (trolling), with boats in the plummet, and using such fishing gear ascrankbaits, jig baits, turntables and more.

Before you buy a spool of "multiplying" system, you need to know some of the nuances and peculiarities of the mechanism of the coil.As a rule, all the multiplier reel - a device with excellent traction performance, with high sensitivity and ability to long casting lures.

  • internal structure does not seem to inertia reel, in which the clause number is 1: 1.Thus, systems are subordinate multiplier ratio 1: 6 (at least 1: 4).
  • Magnetic centrifugal brake system make it possible to precisely adjust the work coils under the weight of the bait.With this approach, "beard" when throwing excluded.
  • Pryamozubchataya transmission, increases the power of the mechanism, allows the use of any type of fishing line, with the possibility of violations of driving gears is reduced.
  • Regardless of the thickness of the used line and load on the system, allows the multiplier reel casting perform at maximum distances.

model range of any manufacturer is created for a specific purpose, based on which the coils are endowed with these or other opportunities.Most of the branded companies take into account when creating the overall specificity of the use of devices, so all systems are intended to be used when fishing requires reliability and high tractive power.