Exercise ball: home gym

gymnastic ball, or, as we are more used to call him - fitball, considered a universal exercise equipment.When properly selected set of exercises you can use it to work almost all the muscle groups, even at home.It can be used independently, and can be equipped with other exercise equipment: dumbbells, weighting, expanders.

feetball are of different types, they are distributed according to the diameter and the type of surface.The gym ball can be glossy (completely smooth or with horizontal stripes), satin finish (a little rough) and massage (with pronounced ridges, bumps).Diameter feetball ranges from 40 cm (this ball gym for children) and up to 90 cm.

to class with this shell benefited and pleasure, it is necessary to choose the correct him, focusing on his height and arm length:

- with growth up1.55 m and a length of 45-55 cm diameter hand feetball dozhen be 45 cm;

- with the growth of 1.55-1.65 m and 55-65 cm hand take the ball diameter of 65 cm;

- 1,66-1,70 with growth and long arms of 65-8

0 cm diameter of the ball should be 70 cm:

- with growth of more than 1.70 m and 80 cm by hand you will approach fitball 75-90 cm.

lessons for children should choose a gym ball with horns or arc, that is, with any kind of handles that the child can keep the balance and the projectile itself.

Practiced fitball for lessons with babies already from two weeks of age.This makes it possible to fight bloating, develop the vestibular, visual and kinesthetic impulses.In addition, well-developed and strengthen all muscle groups.

Since gymnastic ball has no contraindications with him doing even pregnant women.During the training under scrutiny instructor performed a set of exercises aimed at training and relaxation of the muscles of the back, pelvis, hips and abdomen, which is conducive to their tone.In addition, exercise improves blood circulation, relieve pain, allow maximum relax.

As mentioned, exercise ball strengthens virtually all muscle groups and burn fat.Fitball itself unstable, and doing it, you need to monitor not only the correctness of the exercises, but also for the fact that it is not compacted, and this double burden on the body, which leads to burning calories.

Thus, the basic exercises with fitball:

Press.During training, you can work on the oblique abdominal muscles, as well as the upper and lower lobes.You must lie on your back and hold the ball shins.Rising straight legs up, you can use the lower abs.If bent legs put on a fitball at the top and do the twist that works the lower abs.In the same position worked obliques, Pulling elbow to the opposite knee.

back and buttocks.Great exercise, allowing to work multiple muscle groups.To do this, go to the bottom of the abdomen on fitball, legs fixed (for example, abut the wall or sofa), hands behind his head.It is necessary to lower the body as low as possible, almost touching the forehead to the floor, and then the maximum raise.At the top you need to hold down the buttocks.

legs.Sitting on the ball, pull the front leg straight, lower and raise it.Then repeat the approach by pushing the leg side.The second option: kneel lying chest on the ball.Pull the leg back, move up and down and then make an approach, relegating the leg side.

Chest.For this exercise will need dumbbells or weights.Fitbol used as a sports shop.That is, you must lie on his back (shoulder blades), legs bent at the knees (95o), buttocks tightened.Spreads his arms with dumbbells to a horizontal position, then To reduce back.This exercise improves breast shape perfectly, lifts it and makes it more elastic.

Try to engage systematically with fitball if complex one, the classes are held every other day, if the systems are different (alternate muscles), it is possible to deal with every day.