Dali Museum in Barcelona: picture, how to get there

This museum can not be confused with any museum in the world.Its amazing decoration will not leave anyone indifferent, as the work of a great master - Salvador Dali.The exposition of the museum was built in such a way that there is a unique opportunity to trace the formation of the famous master of shocking.


Dali Museum in Barcelona, ​​opened in 1974.It is located in the town of Figueres, which is actually a suburb of Barcelona.The exposition is located in the old town theater, which back in 1918 Salvador Dalí presented at the group exhibition his first works.

Many years later, Dali decided to create a museum in a ruined building, but not quite normal.Master wanted to place it does not originals, and reproductions of his works, but the city authorities is not satisfied.As a result, he agreed to exhibit their work, and building restoration work began.In addition to the ruins of the theater, it was involved in the medieval walls of the city and the tower, which was later called the Galata T

ower.The museum was built more than 14 years.The implementation of this unique project was invested the bulk of the capital of Salvador Dali.The last years of the life of a great artist dedicated to his offspring.

Salvador Dali Museum in Barcelona

museum building is impressive.Restored facade of the theater, which was built in the neoclassical style, wonderfully combined with bright carmine of the ancient wall and the Galata Tower.

on the surface of walls surround the decor is painted in gold color.From a distance it resembles a symbol of the French monarchy - lily.Amaze even shocking huge figures that are at the top of the towers and walls.This variegated eggs.

over the old building of the former Municipal Theatre is a dome, which is itself a work of art.It is made in the form of spheres, latex and glass.The author of this masterpiece - the architect Emilio Pinero.The dome was created as a reflection of the philosophy of Dali.He was confident that other worlds actually exist, although they are within each of us.

museum exposition

Dali Museum in Barcelona never ceases to amaze and after the first meeting.Just before the entrance set surrealistic composition that shows Newton opens his famous law of gravity.Experts and ordinary visitors are still arguing why the master did in the head scientist hole.

As it should be in decent homes, guests are greeted by the owners.The owner sits behind the wheel of a black Cadillac.For the car is a very impressive figure of the hostess, made of metal.Naked female figure, and at first glance a bit of surrealism in it, except for the yellow boat over her head, floating on the waves of condoms.Thus, Dali depicted her numerous trips to the young lovers.

In the main hall, which is under the famous dome, there is only one exhibit - legendary painting "Gala, looking at the sea."The secret of this picture is that close you do not notice anything unusual, but it is necessary to move away from her twenty meters, and before you open the portrait of Lincoln.

Hall masterpieces

Dali Museum in Barcelona is not usual for any museum plan, there is no monotonic excursions from hall to hall.Visitors keep coming back to the nodal points.

Dali in his creation, pays tribute to his great predecessors.In the Hall of the most valuable masterpieces are works by El Greco and Duchamp, as well as the sculpture "Slave" by Michelangelo.

separate room is devoted scandalous Hollywood star Mae West.The visitor enters the hall through the "face" of the actress.This method means dipping into her inner world.

Dali Museum in Barcelona invites guests to visit the Treasure Hall, the crypt, the Hall of fish and many other series.

stunned museum visitors traveling the surreal world of the great masters, are under the protection of the spirit of Salvador Dali.His office and the tomb of the genius of the artist under the main building.

Some of the exhibits you can see in our article on the photo.Dali Museum in Barcelona - is a unique place.Everyone should see it.If you get a chance to visit this city, be sure to visit it.

Dali Museum (Barcelona) - how to get

From the main station of Barcelona is necessary to travel by train to the station Fegeras.It takes 1.5 hours.The cost of round-trip ticket - 24 euros per person.

of Barcelona can be reached by car in Fegeras.

museum tickets for adults costs 12 euros for children under 8 years free entry.

way to this museum from Barcelona takes a little time.Visit him and he will work a miracle - a part allow you to become extraordinary masquerade, who conceived the great Spanish artist.

Dali Museum in Barcelona will not disappoint any of the visitors.Talent wizard is visible in every detail, it makes marvel at the power of his imagination.