Spatial arts.

Art - a creative process to create artistic images that reflect the real world in all its diversity.It is divided into separate types according to the specific material embodiment.Other performing arts, in fact, a noble task - to serve society.


Modern Art History Literature classification system offers certain kinds of creative activity.The most common pattern - a conditional division of art into three groups.

The first group includes the spatial forms of art that are perceived visually:

  • arts and crafts.
  • Art.
  • Architecture.
  • Art photography.
  • Sculpture.
  • arts.

The second group included arts time, having a certain dynamic or stretched in time:

  • Fiction.
  • Music.

Since arts timing may, under certain conditions, to move to another category, you must take this into account.In some cases, literature synthesized music (libretto).

The third group includes the spatial-temporal art forms that are perceived as visually and aurally:

  • Choreography, ballet, musicals.
  • theater.
  • literary works.
  • cinema.
  • circus genres.

Why certain types of art

existence of different kinds of art because it is impossible to reproduce a comprehensive picture of the art in some specific way.For sure something will remain "behind the scenes".Completely picture can be recorded only with the involvement of all artistic media culture in general.

spatial arts

One of the most popular creative processes is arts and crafts.

artistic value of the products made from scrap materials, high if the crafts are made true masters of their craft.

Arts and crafts - is the creation of artistic household items, folk exclusives from natural materials.Adopted by the use of wood, clay, stone and bone.In the manufacture of decorative items used a variety of techniques for processing the material.

process of creating items of applied art is focused on the ethnic characteristics of the country or region.The arts and crafts are usually dominated by handicrafts representing the local customs and traditions.In Russia it is:

  • Painting on wood - Gorodetsky, hohloma, Fedoskino, Polkhov-Maidanskaya.
  • Wood carving - Abramtsevo-Kudrino, Bogorodskaya.
  • Miniature painting - Palekh, Kholuy, Mstiora.
  • Russian folk ceramics - Gzhel, Skopinskaya, Kargopol and Dymkovo toy.
  • Lace braiding - Vologda, St. Michael.
  • painting on fabric - Pavlovo shawls, capes, shawls.
  • Metal art - Velikoustyuzhsk scarlet, silver, Zhostovo painting, Rostov enamel.
  • Embroidery - Vladimir zolotoshveyka.
  • carved white bone - hotkovskaya, Kholmogory, Tobolsk.

Sculpture - visual, spatial art, reflects the world of art in plastic images.The materials used in the creation of sculptures - a marble, bronze, stone, wood.Recently, use and others, such as concrete, steel.And plasticized materials.Especially large sculptures are reinforced with metal bars, in order to avoid breaks.

sculpture can be of two types: volumetric and 3D relief.

three-dimensional repeating all the set parameters and can be performed in any scale.Relief sculptures are divided into three types:

  • high relief - high-relief;
  • relief - medium or low relief;
  • kontrrelefy - mortise.

Each sculpture has its own kind of classification.It can be monumental, easel and decorative.Monumental set in the streets and city squares.And in places of historical importance.For monumental sculpture are memorials and monuments.Indoor sculpture - this museum exhibits.As a rule, they are indoors.Decorative sculptures can be in homes, in the gardens, in the gazebo.

Architecture Architecture

appeared long before the birth of Christ, and gradually began to acquire art features, while remaining utilitarian structure.Architecture as an art form has spread since the beginning of the 13th century.That's when architects began to erect grandiose Gothic buildings in Europe.Gothic and today is considered one of the most interesting styles of historical importance.Architecture as an art form is one of the leading places in the list of the world cultural heritage.At the same time it is undeniable artistic value.

Plastic spatial arts

In the world of artistic disciplines, there are areas that require classification.These include spatial arts with signs of plasticity.They are characterized by the ability to move or transformation into a certain space.A masterpiece of architecture is plastic, if it can be modified, expanded and changed dramatically in terms of colors.All this is only the latest achievements of architecture - historical architectural structures shall be inviolable.The possibility of the transformations of the finished work of art relates it to the category of plastic type.Similar criteria can be applied to other examples of spatial nature.

Theory and practice

However, signs of plasticity do not have to confirm the possibility of some changes.For example, the art of painting does not need to be adjusted, and even more so in the transformation.Has created canvases - it is a complete work.The sculpture refers to the plastic arts.Since presumably it can be changed for the better.But this feature is purely theoretical and is used to determine the classification of the arts.By type of plastic may include any artistic genre of space art, except for photos.


Spatial and temporal arts are the most popular and in demand in the community.Let us examine them in detail.

literature - an art form in which the main carrier of meaning, as well as a source of inspiration is the artistic expression.A writer sufficiently adept fiction uses his gift to create a text works.Literature as an art form can be divided into two categories:

  • art;
  • historical prose.

literary genre

  • Lyrics - works of art, often in verse form, reflecting the variety of human emotions, including love.
  • Drama - Literature describing the events in the plot exposition, usually the whole story or the individual events in the life of the characters.
  • tragedy - a work written in the dramatic genre, but with a fatal ending.
  • Epic - artistic narrative that reveals the major historical events, perhaps as a summary in verse and in prose.
  • Novella - small genre of narrative form.
  • Roman - a major work consisting of several parts, containing a description of the life of major and minor characters in a certain period.
  • tale - a literary genre, the novel is less by volume and by number of characters.
  • story - the product of the small form with a description of the events that occurred in a short time, more widespread and arbitrary in terms of the composition as compared to the novel.

choreography and ballet

Another creative activity from the category of "spatial arts" - a choreography.Consisting of artistic understanding of postures and movements of the human body, organized in space and time.Is the waste system for centuries.Dance must be combined with music.In this case, a musical and choreographic way.

At all times, the dance was connected with the life of a man imitating certain events.And on the stage of his purpose was to show the public the art of ballet.In addition, dance is part of the various rites and rituals.This is especially prevalent in Africa and Asia.

arts, exemplified in this article is in some way connected with global Russian culture and designed to carry it to the people.