Area football field and other parameters

In terms of terminology, the football field is a flat rectangular area, which is equipped with specially for this game and has an artificial lawn or cover, depending on the regulations of the competition.Bulk preparation of such sites launched in the nineteenth century, despite the fact that most of these matches were held at the time for a long time.Area football field is different.According to archive documents, the oldest one in the world located on the territory of the small town Linlingtona that in the UK.

exact size of the field for the game of football is not defined.Based on the official rules of the sport, the maximum width can be up to 90 meters, and the minimum - 45. As for the length, it should not be more than 120 and less than 90 meters.Thus, the largest possible area of ​​a football field is equal to 10,800 square meters, and the minimum - 4.05 thousand.As you can see, the parameter is changed significantly.It should be noted that the official UEFA rules also stipulate that, for interna

tional competitions, you can use the fields, the size of which is not less than 100h65 meters.

size football goal has its own standard, which is strictly defined.Their width and height are equal to 7.32 and 2.44 meters.Around the gate is goalmouth size 18,32h5,5 meters.Left and right, it starts at a distance all the same five and a half meters from the goal post.In each of the corners of the field are drawn circle with a radius of one meter.It is with them executed corner kick.Also in the 9.15 meters of the corners can be applied to determine the appropriate level of the place in which have the right to be an opponent during their penetration.In the middle of a football field is divided line.In the center of the circle is drawn.Her range is equal to the usual 9.15 meters.

Another important parameter that characterizes the football field - the area of ​​the free zone.Its dimensions are 40,32h16,5 meters.This unusual length due to the fact that each of the rod in the opposite side of the borders is measured at 16.5 meters.In sum, with the size of the gate and get the value of 40.32.On the side of the penalty area, located opposite the keeper and applied a circular arc radius of 9.15 meters in the center of the penalty box.Behind it should be the players in the case of punching a penalty.The size of the penalty area is always the same and does not depend on what area of ​​the football field.

For most platform using intermittent strips is designated the so-called technical area.During the match the players bench and the coach does not have to cross its borders.We can not focus on the fact that the marking is carried out by lines, absolutely each of which has a width of 12 centimeters and is fully included in the area of ​​a football field.Another interesting fact is that, as recommended by the UEFA, the longitudinal axis of the field should strive towards the north.The explanation for this is that in this way minimizes the effect of bright sunlight on the game players.The official rules is not spelled out, but only in cases where such wishes of the stadium has the ability to enter "rating stadiums of UEFA."