Japanese weapon: a deadly beauty and elegance

East - a delicate matter, particularly in regard to the art of war.Asia gave the world many magnificent specimens of knives, among them - the traditional Japanese katana and many other equally striking swords.

worth noting that even in China, the birthplace of Kung Fu, the cult of the sword was not as developed as in Japan.The sword was considered the soul of the samurai, and his loss was equal to the loss of pride.In such a reverent attitude to arms deep historical roots.Only in Japan there is a periodization kinds of swords.For example, the Japanese weapons up to 900 years refers to the ancient period and it was obviously of Chinese origin.While the cult of the sword in Japan was in its infancy, but the most famous was the master who lived in the VIII century Amakuni of Yamato.By XVI century it lasted for a period of old swords, when a new class in society - the samurai.With the advent of the military class Japanese edged weapons became a source of pride and an indicator of the status of the owner.D

uring this period, he lived and worked as a legendary master of Muramasa, who forged the sword of such severity that they could cut a leaf floating on water.

Until the XIX century, lasted during the "new swords."Now the sword itself has had no military significance, becoming the only element of the suit.Therefore, in this period of unprecedented prosperity has reached the decoration of weapons, and the sword turned into a work of art.Now there is a period of "modern swords."The traditional Japanese weapons, especially cold, is endangered.Therefore, in Japan are making every effort to ensure to keep the ancient art of forging swords unique.

By the way, ride - not only Japanese sword.So, among other types of cut-and-cutting Japanese weapons must be noted thieves - a large sword, the blade's length exceeds 61 cm. This sword was used for equestrian combat and has a relatively large curvature.From the XV century to replace the Tachi Katana comes.Its long blade and may reach 80 centimeters in length.Today it is - the most popular among collectors blade.Paired with a katana used a short sword wakizashi.Together they form a set days—Ď.Wakizashi were indispensable in the battle in the narrow space, and used several techniques of fencing with a katana.Samurai knife, tanto, used both for military and civilian purposes.

forging blades and the work with metal has always been considered a sacred act, and the profession of the blacksmith was revered among all peoples.However, the Japanese in this surpassed all.Being an object of worship, the Japanese weapons, especially the samurai swords, never were forged for the future.Master can begin to forge the sword only if received an order from the samurai.During forging steel used in several layers, whereby the blade unique pattern stood out.That he was considered a measure of the cost of the blade and the quality of the wizard.This figure is called ham.

Blade not only has a modest military frame, but the front option.Garda also collectibles, along with other elements of the sword.Now the Japanese weapons can be bought in many different places, but the advantage is still better to give reliable suppliers and dealers.