Air gun as a means of protection

Structurally arms arranged very simple - it's just a hollow tube, and the charges for it.Actuated by means of exhalation from the lungs.It has been used by man since ancient times, and Europe met him in an era of significant geographical discoveries.In the role playing air gun projectile is still in use in many countries.

Features constituents

gun tube is made of hard plastic, steel or duralumin.The abridged version of the adopted tube diameter of 6-10 mm and a length of 25-35 cm. This version is easily hidden in the sleeve, it holds the best shooting distance about 5-10 meters.Elongated version consists of a tube length of 70-150 cm and a diameter - 8-15 mm.This design can be disguised as a cane or an umbrella.Arrows much longer and harder.The main condition: the metal tube must be perfectly straight and bend easily.

Fighting arrow should not be too light, otherwise the penetrating power of the charge will be small, and take a flight to instability.The center of gravity must shift the arrow to the

needle, with this purpose it has a weighting.The ring seal makes little friction include the charge into the tube.Heavy long arrows fly far, but at the same time have a significant ability to puncturing.

European variation of the air rifle equipped nagubnikom.He made it possible to increase not only the convenience of shooting, but also the power, range of release charge.In the non-European version of the shot is done differently: the tube tightly crimped lips, tongue clog the hole, then exhale to failure inflated cheeks and tongue, opening and ubiraetsya.Sredstvo survival

In some places of our planet is still inhabited by tribes, leading almost primitive lifestyle.Air gun for them continues to play the role of weapons, which is able to silently and secretly hitting an opponent.To overcome death miniature boom is unlikely, which is why most of the tip of an incision and placed in a notch poison.The maximum effect is achieved by striking the incising tip to the one breaking off, he remained in the wound.Shooting bullets from a gun found in the notes Spanish historian Antonio Guerrero (about 1622), telling about the life of the Aztecs.Ball bullets made of hardened clay, were able to kill the animal and the person already in the middle distantsii.Perspektivy application

Modern industry has improved air rifle.It is made with the lightest and most durable materials simultaneously.The length can be up to 3 meters, their mouthpieces do with a touch of silver nanoparticles, the optical sights are set.Such a model with a set of arrows would envy each native.Do not overlook air gun and the military.Division of many countries, as a rule, are familiar with this type of weapon.If you can not shoot the powder charge, so as not to be discovered, will come to the aid of a homemade air-gun, which is possible to buy in the store weapons.It can also be useful for survival in the wild, where animals are not so easy to let a hunter at arm's length.