Fixing isofix - extra protection of the child in the car

Baby seat is designed to ensure the safety of the baby carriage in the car.But for that it must be properly installed.To avoid installation errors will use child car seat, which has a fastening isofix.According to a study in Germany, about 60% of child car seats with belt fastening set properly during an accident can lead to significant injuries in children.The regular seat belt needs to be fixed taking into account the tilting and belt tension.The car seat must be fitted with locking clips, which will secure the tape and do not allow car seat at the time of an accident or emergency braking to fly forward.The chair, which has a fastening isofix, can only be set correctly.In addition, fastening isofix solves the problem of insufficient length of a regular seat, which does not allow to fix the car seat according to the instructions, this often encountered motorists.

first fastening isofix standard was proposed by the International Organization for Standardization ISO 1990.It is not mandatory, but ever

y year it becomes more and more popular.After fixation in isofix car seat makes small passenger protection in an accident more reliable.Due to what is achieved?

mount provides rigid attachment isofix car seat directly to the car body.Inside, the car mounted the special brackets, they are equipped with almost all modern model cars and domestic cars are produced here without fastening isofix.Staples with the car body are integrated, they are located between the seatback and the rear seat cushion and the precise location where they are marked with special labels.In brackets are the car seat-locks that easily snap on brackets, with a click is issued.To facilitate the installation and interior trim protect machinery from damage locks are attached to the chair special plastic dilators.In order to detach the car seat, simply click on the button or levers to unlock mount isofix.Thus, at the time of the accident the child seat does not move in any direction, and will stand firmly in place.

among motorists, parents it is believed that due to the tight coupling of the machine inner belts have impact on the baby's chest is too much pressure, which can lead to further injury.But the results of crash tests prove that the car seat is firmly fixed at the time of the accident, the better it protects its passengers.

Baby seat, which has a fastening isofix, can be used in vehicles not equipped with the system isofix.Brackets-locks can expand and hide in the grooves of the seat of the chair.In this case, to install a child seat using the three-point belts of the machine.However, despite this flexibility, each seat can not be installed in a particular vehicle.The height of the back of the car and the angle of inclination may not match the configuration of the car seat, so before buying should view the instructions for compatibility model and make of car seat.