Rifle, its types, applications

Rifle appeared after smoothbore when the battle was necessary to make the shots more precisely.But the first copies were used for a long time only a limited circle of soldiers, asrecharging required significant time compared to smooth-bore guns, and also the production of rifles at first it was very expensive.

rifles gradually perfected, and today there are a few of his species.

threaded inside the barrel are all kinds of military firearms (rifles, carbines, machine guns, etc..), Certain types of civil (for example, sporting threaded, or threaded ohotnichnye combined rifles, carbines, etc.).The distance between the cutting and determines its size:

- small-caliber (5-6 mm);

- srednekalibernoe (7-9 mm);

- large caliber (over 10 mm).

By the way, the caliber shotguns determined by the amount produced from 1 pound lead balls in the compliance of their diameter to the inner diameter of the barrel.Thus, as the munitions used cartridges for rifles and shot or buckshot for a smooth.The spiral cuts in t

he barrel give the direction of rotation of the pool and a large kinetic energy determined by the accuracy and range of its flight, what distinguishes the rifle from the shotgun for the better.This allows accurate shot at a distance of 200 meters or more.

bullets for rifles divided into shell, soft point and non-enveloped.The latter is a simple, lead balls, which in former times were charged from the barrel, they are currently not used.Then came the bullet shell and, after a fairly long period of time, soft point, have an increased destructive power, but less accuracy.Today, they are used in the military and sports practice, improved ammunition and to create new kinds of (tracer, off-center, a silencer, explosive, etc.).For hunting purposes will improve soft point bullet.Although in our country are better for hunting smooth-bore guns and carbines, but due to changes in the requirements for hunting trophies (causing minimal damage), demand for rifles.Modern ammunition for it should ideally meet the following requirements:

- possess the range and accuracy of the flight;

- have the stopping power;

- have controlled expansion;

- most maintain their weight;

- causing minimal damage.

Today these requirements are met by embodiments and bullet-metal having a shell associated with the core.But they produce mainly those who belong to the category of fragmentation.

Buy rifles can now be in any specialty store, but some of his views of Russia banned for hunting.For example, a hunting rifle with a few rolling shutter.In this regard, the carbine has the same harakteristkikami, but has a shorter barrel and, accordingly, less weight.

Combined weapons includes both smooth and rifled barrels, so it is suitable for different types of hunting (and a bird, and a bear), but also has a significant weight in contrast to his "relatives."