How to develop the most powerful punch

Almost every athlete who is engaged in boxing, puts before itself the task to develop a good punch.But it is not so easy.To achieve this, it is necessary to work long and hard in training.Permanent working out attacking punching bag, and work with paw boxing are the most effective methods of driving range.

Each workout should be done "packing kulaks", which will make the impact more severe.Arm muscles developed rather weak, so this procedure is quite important for each fighter.Most often in the classroom suffers wrist and thumb.The strongest punch should not cause pain, and even more lead to injury.

To avoid injury, you must periodically "stuff" hands.A quick and effective way to develop the underdeveloped muscles are push-ups with their fists.This should be done on a soft, rubberized coating.Later, when the arms are adapted, it will be possible to pass on a wooden surface.Good training for the kulaks was, is and will be a direct hit on the hand punching bag.Bag for training can be either purch

ased or homemade.Minus the first is that they are intended for training gloves.Normal "fill the hand" on such bags will not turn.Therefore, it is better to do it yourself.The weight should be between 60 kg and above, the outer layer should be made of canvas or leatherette.Its length is usually about half a meter.Inside the cylinder is placed a conventional bag, which is filled with millet or barley.It is due to the fact that the pear stuffed with grain, its density is similar to the density of the human body.This will help develop a training session is the strongest punch.

In addition to speed, an important role in improving the playing strength.To improve it has many great exercises that will contribute not only to improve the strength, but also the general physical fitness and endurance.The first thing to perform bench barbell from the chest.Suit and pushing weights (24-32 kg).Attempts on pear - also very effective exercise to increase strength and durability.Almost all experienced coaches say they need to set a goal to break through the bulb, rather than banging on its surface.For working force best suited single punch.

Nevertheless Boxing paw remains one of the most unique training methods to help develop the most powerful punch.Here are some exercises:

1) a partner who holds a paw, constantly moving, his hands at a certain level, and the trainee should try to make a powerful blow of the most advantageous position;

2) partner holds a paw in one place, and in his other hand is a whip.The aim of the trainee is a product of the impact on the paw.

There are many ways to put the strongest punch, but these exercises are very effective.The main thing is to train constantly and you possess a good instrument protection.