Pistol "Beat" in the modern world

Pistol "Beat" is the gear members of the MUP, and chose it because it has a compact size, which is quite convenient to wear.The weapon has a large caliber, ectopic handle forward, half-hidden trigger, all this allows you to fire both with one and with two hands.A device that allows the breaking of the capsule holder, double acting, therefore makes it possible to shoot self-cocking the hammer and its preliminary erection.Thanks to all this, formed a high accuracy and a constant readiness.

must say that the gun "Bang" contains cartridges that five pieces connected to the clip.In order to speed up the recharging weapons used in the simultaneous removal of the sleeves when tilting the drum with its further charging of a special clip, which consists of two plates having slots for cartridges.

Considering gun "Beat", it will be seen that the fuse is a horizontal engine, it blocks when the drum and trigger.The handle of a revolver is made of plastic devices for the sight are not regulated.

This weapon is developed in three versions.Nowadays there are such kinds of revolver: "Blow-C," "Blow-T," "M Beat" and "Blow."Also developed a series of cartridges for them: high cartridge holding action bullet (gas) at a distance of twenty-five meters;armor-piercing bullet cartridge action (lead);Cartridge not slaughter action bullets (rubber);cartridge having the ink bullet that makes it possible to mark the criminal, it is often used during training, as well as vapor-liquid cartridge.They are all in the thirty-second sleeve caliber pistol primer.

Separately want to discuss gun "Strike M2", or as it is called, the device is small-sized aerosol.It has been developed quite recently, his wearing no permission is required and registration.The device is made of plastic and is designed to impact blowing an aerosol irritant in the face, especially in the eyes, the attacker from a distance of up to three meters, with no wind or rain can not be an obstacle to this.Pistol "Beat M" charged BABA special cylinders that are trinadtsatikalibernye cartridges in the Donets sleeve kotoroya placed cap.When a pull of the trigger, the primer ignites, setting in motion a piston ejection irritant.

BABA come in several forms: training, curb irritanami and stun actions combined (containing paint and IGC).

Thus, "Blow" - a gun which (depending on the used cartridges) can serve as a means of protection from attacks of animals (wild and domestic), by aggressive people, but also be used as equipment law enforcement officers, detectives and other persons.At the same time it can be used by both women and men.

should also say that the model of these weapons are constantly being improved, perhaps we will soon see something new and interesting.