Bicycles BMW - German quality

On our planet, there is hardly a person who does not know about the existence of well-known companies - BMW.Its products has long been a measure of success, style and prestige.The company produces bicycles BMW, cars, motorcycles and accessories for the product.

Established companies associated with the distant 1913, initially focusing on the start of production of aircraft engines.BMW bikes have become a new opportunity for the company, which she was able to successfully implement.Today the company is the market completely new line of products claiming and promoting life in motion, and harmony with nature.

company is constantly introducing the latest achievements of science and technology for many years successfully manifests itself as a manufacturer that produces high-quality vehicles, which is a hallmark of the brand BMW.Biking in its design embodies original stylistic decision and attractive appearance, combined with functionality.

CrossCountry and Enduro models are great lovers of long bike tr

ips country.They include a remote steering with adjustable angle, which ensures optimum fit for better power transmission.Equipment models full suspension and hydraulic disc brakes to help their owners to master even impassable routes.To improve CarbonRacer sports model has been developed a unique shock-absorbing carbon frame, wherein strength and lightness.

Bicycles BMW presents diverse range of vehicles for the most demanding roads and for all audiences.New collection of manufactured goods will undoubtedly make our world cycling fun, brighter and more interesting.


main advantage provided bikes - their guaranteed quality, supported by a 60-year period of the company-producer.Whether you're a professional athlete or like usual pleasant walks, the company will be able to perfectly meet your needs.Children BMW bike for those who are just learning to ride.Choose for her baby two-wheeled reliable friend is not difficult, since the choice will please every customer.

novelty from BMW is a mountain bike Enduro and CrossCountry, road bikes BMW - Cruise and Touring, racing bikes last generation M CarbonRacer.When you create the best products using the latest technology, including innovative developments of the company.This allows you to achieve such a high level of product quality, which is not available to competing companies.Bicycles BMW wheels are equipped with advanced and improved frame design mountain bikes, making them more manageable on the mountain slopes.

special geometry of the frame and setting the optimum chassis ensures proper fit sport bikes.Improved suspension system work well.The highest level of security when moving on any surface and in all weather conditions is guaranteed, thanks to precise steering and reliable brakes.BMW bikes are quite expensive, but the quality justifies the unconditional such a high cost.