The most powerful traumatic gun on the Russian market.

As a rule, any fan of target shooting with airguns starts, as it does not need a permit, and a stray bullet emitted from pneumatic, bears no special danger.

If the first experience of shooting was successful, and the shooter has not lost interest to arms, he usually tries to buy something more serious.Of course, to buy a traumatic gun, permit required, but its preparation is not a serious problem.Yes, and the possession of "rezinostrela" will take a lot of pleasure to its owner - in fact here, and the power, and a high range, and considerable destructive power.

Of course, before you buy a gun, any person asks himself about what traumatic gun is better?What is the best buy?How much should spend?Of course, the cheapest gun will have low power, and vice versa.The question is, how "lethal" thing I want to buy?

clear that is better to start with a medium-power weapons, since it is neither a cause for frustration, nor too dangerous thing in inexperienced hands.

quite another thing - the arrow with the

experience, having tried a lot of different guns, but have not yet completed their own search for the ideal.Often the purpose of these people is the most powerful traumatic gun, available in their country.

If we talk about the Russian market, it should be noted that to call any one model can not be the strongest.But there are several best.

The first three of lethal force include: "Makarych" MR 79-9TM, Grand Power T12 and Streamer 2014.

"Makarych" MR 79-9TM - if it is not the most powerful traumatic gun, one of thethe most famous.Depending on the variation, the store houses a 8-10 caliber cartridges 9RA or 6 rounds of 45-caliber.Weight gun a little more than 0.7 kilograms without ammunition and 0.8 kilograms when full gear.With a relatively small size of the weapon has no small Sighting range, equal to ten meters.Power shot up to 70 Joules.

pistol Grand Power T12 - is the most powerful traumatic pistol from his line.His shop accommodates 10 cartridges 10h28 caliber pistol discharged mass reaches almost 0.8 kilograms.Effective range is 8 meters.

Well, about 2014 Streamer can in good conscience say that it is - the most powerful traumatic gun not only in the top three, but in the entire Russian market.For the first time it was made in 2009 and became an improved modification of its predecessor - Streamer 1014. The model 2014 considerable minimal resources - it is six thousand shots.

Weighing not even reach 0.7 kilograms, this compact gun shop has a capacity of 14 or 13 rounds caliber 9RA or 10h22 respectively.It is noteworthy the fact that the cost of weapons less than 20 thousand rubles, and shooting characteristics correspond to more expensive models.Thus, the speed of a bullet from Streamer 2014 almost reached 500 meters per second (450 and more), and the power is equal to 120 joules.All this shows originality gun and excellent value for money.

However, we can not forget about the disadvantages of this model - for use in the manufacture of alloys buildings, its strength is not too large.But if handled carefully Streamer 2014, it will serve its owner for many years.