The starting pistol in sporting events

starting gun is a tool, designed to mark the beginning of some sports or other events produced by means of a blank shot.The use of such weapons should be fixed in the rules.

to indicate the start of the competition can be used as usual guns, and specially made model.An indispensable condition for the use of weapons to signal the athletes should be his physical unfitness as a battle.

starting pistol can misfire.In this regard, the most widely used models with a drum, which is easier to produce a subsequent shot.The starting gun with the store rarely used.

to fix the time of the competition timekeepers actuate their devices.For this they are guided by the haze or flare appears after shots fired.This avoids a possible error, the probability of which arises from the low rate of transmission of sound.

Since the late seventies of the last century, the starting gun has been applied somewhat differently.Near position athletes are currently located dynamics.They transmit or mimic the sound of a shot.

development of the complex, allows automatic timing, was the reason for trying to replace weapons electronic analogs.In Atlanta, the Olympic Games 1996, to designate the start of the competition used a device that mimicked the flash gun and handed the sound of the shot.However, the two thousandth year in Sydney, returned to the use of conventional weapons.That it meant when the competition starts.Vancouver Olympics 2010 regained the electronic starting pistol he used in speed skating.

The Soviet Union produced several models starting pistols.It was a special tubeless weapon with a holder.Drum models used infrequently, because they serve as a weapon of the "revolver", which was previously shown in non-combat state.

the USSR State Committee for sports competitions pitched two starting pistol.It was a revolver that had a specially welded brackets for the sensor.This device has fixed the start of the competition, together with the film set fotofinishnym "Omega".

starting pistol "TT" is made on the basis of self-loading pistol "TT" sample of the thirties of the last century.In the modern model does not signal the mobile home trunk pierced.In its place is a fixed tube which drowned from the chamber.On both sides of this piece of propylene.Fix red-hot pin plug, which must be brewed.This is necessary to ensure that there was no possibility of drilling through-hole.The trunk does not produce fire.Flames and powder gases ejected through the holes located at the top of the casing.At the gate there are no combat resistant teeth.Thus, this weapon is a system that has freely moving gate of the Short-barrel.