Signal weapons

Signal weapons are used only for the alarm is sound or visual accompaniment.In the case of being in the forest zone alone with the furious beast can be used as a deterrent.As a defensive tool, it is not recommended because the stopping power does not possess these weapons.Although, as the effect of surprise, might work.

Under current law, a signaling weapon is a civilian, and is in the free market, that is, for its acquisition of the license and registration is not required.However, there are some limitations.Signal revolvers and pistols, the caliber of which exceeds 6 mm, as well as cartridges that can be used as a gas or firearms, the Interior Ministry declared dangerous to human life and subject to mandatory registration, respectively, licensing.

license for a gun, you can get a signal to the police station in the community.It is worth noting that such a document is also a permit for the possession of weapons.As a rule, its action does not exceed five years from the date of issue.Upon registrati

on you will be required passport for product license with the appropriate markings of the gun seller.Revolvers, imported from abroad, are subject to greater scrutiny, with the exception of only the items purchased for the collections.

Naturally, most of the signal arms purchased by travelers, fans of extreme sports, sailors, etc.This gun can be a great gift and dear man.Even taking into account that it is not a combat, sale to minors is prohibited.The most popular form of such weapons in our country - a signal pistol (gun).Its peculiarity is that it looks very similar to the weapons of war, and the sound of the shot is identical to the present, although in use it is absolutely harmless.But more can be seen examples where the signal gun is not used for its intended purpose, as well as some self-defense.For example, by stray dogs or bullies because, in addition to scaring one species can also shoot in the air and the sound of his very awesome.

Although outwardly flare gun is very similar to the present, the differences are still there.For example, its trunk is totally smooth, without transitions to the main part of the chamber, a single diameter throughout its length.These guns often Single-barrel, but there are individual instances in the double-barreled version.

cartridges can be varied: lighting besparashyutnye, parachute with one star and more, with colored smoke checkers combined.Recently, along with a visual signal and emit more specific sound, like a shot pyrotechnic firecrackers.Typically, smoke cartridges used in daytime, and with the presence of charge zvezdok - at night.Height shot all kinds of cartridges reaches 100-150 meters.