Accuracy - a laser designator

Laser Pointer - a device that improves the sighting of weapons and is removable structure, which can be purchased either together with a pneumatic weapon, and separate from it as an optional accessory that allows to increase the capacity of the sighting.

sight using the laser pointer allows you to shoot more accurately, while its effectiveness is greatly increased.The advantage of an accessory for pneumatic weapon - is its reasonable price in relation to the high performance and opens up great opportunities for the shooter.

The Russian market has a large number of LCC for pneumatics, which differ from each other housing quality, durability and accuracy.Despite this, they greatly improve the ability arrow.Typically, these designs are purchased for rifles and airguns.In order to index a perfect fit for any of these types of weapons, his body has a universal mount.

most such equipment rifle or pistol shooters advisable to use for beginners, as the laser beam makes it possible to see the point of

sight and control its movement.Ray to see how far and at close range.Using the sight is used not only for beginners, but experienced hands, such as hunting, which makes it possible to accurately determine the target for a great distance.

structure LCC

laser pointer consists of a body, which is created from solid metal and alloys.After the laser pointer, it is tested, implying shock loads, which means that buying the pointer, you get high quality and a strong system of sight.

to implement the direction of the laser, laser sights are equipped with three screws, enabling easy and fast pristrelivanie airguns for themselves.Adjusting the direction of the laser sight it is performed in both horizontal and vertical directions.

housing design at the base of a universal fastener can easily be attached to any trunk, which has a strap "dovetail."In more rare cases, the laser pointer has a different structure of the fixture.If you install \ renting LCC General Setup sight is not disturbed.

designator The system has a laser diode, which acts as beam forming, sent as a visible point in the place where the bullet hit.This creates a beam in the range of 635 to 670 nm - red beam.If the laser pointer built in complete set with night sight, a laser beam from the LED produces 780 to 850 NM

advantage of the laser pointer is as follows.Sighting ability airguns increased on average by 43%.Thus while firing at close quarters the efficiency is 10%.In carrying out the shooting in the dark or difficult conditions, vision efficiency reaches 52%.