The fastest kicker: speed and skill

In modern football speed, often has one of the most important values.Many famous coaches are trying to get to your team player who can quickly be included in the attack and at least quickly back in favor, in order to intercept the ball.Perhaps that is why the fastest footballer - a tasty transfer to any club.Let's talk about the players who somehow deserve the title of the fastest in modern football.

a long time, the title of "the fastest footballer in the world," retains the then player "Manchester United" and now one of the key players of Madrid "Real" Cristiano Ronaldo.The fastest kicker developed a speed that reaches 9.33 meters per second.It was his quick feet, with excellent technique and vision of the field, brought him the laurels of one of the world's best players.You should not even be surprised that the defenders can not stop this great player.They simply can not catch him.Needless to say what role the team plays in this player.

Arjen Robben - certainly not the quickest player but, never

theless, its 32.9 km / h cause nervous any defender of the Bundesliga.Unfortunately, permanent injury in his youth and was not given to that player to reach their full speed potential, but otherwise is now the title of "the fastest player in the world" would belong to him.

And now let's talk about who not so long ago overcame the speed threshold set footed Portuguese, moreover, made it so that perhaps many years, this record will remain out of reach for all players in the world.Theo Walcott - the fastest player in the world, which, thanks to progress achieved on the speed of 36.7 km / h, was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest footballer.Many famous coaches who managed to meet with the player, saying that it simply can not be stopped.What really is the expression of one of the most renowned coaches recently - Josep Guardiola, in which he said that the only thing that can stop Walcott - a shot from a pistol.The incredible speed of the player allows him to bypass defenders so that they simply do not notice.Excellent technique and the ability to give excellent transmission to partners make Theo one of the best wingers in modern football.And when you consider the age of the athlete, you should think that this is not the last record, which he installs.And what a result that has been achieved the player is incredible, it is easy to understand if we compare it with the world record in the hundred-meter race, which is only 0.3 km / h faster.If you think about it, perhaps as a winger athlete football club "Arsenal" could achieve a great success.

Thus we see that modern football is not standing still and develops year after year.Undoubtedly, equipment is of paramount importance, therefore, when she again undergo a change for the better, we may become witnesses of the birth of yet another record that will surpass the result set by a young Englishman.