Paul Rizhenko: the cause of death.

July 16, 2014 Russian world suffered irreparable loss - at the forty-fourth year of life, died one of the greatest artists of the 20th century - the artist Paul Rizhenko, the cause of whose death - stroke - in the twentieth century is the dominant of young talented people.

Paul Rizhenko - ingenious creator of the historical composition

the vastness of Europe in today's world it is very difficult to find a talented artist working in the style of classical realism.The nature of this creator must be disclosed under the age of - controversial in its effort to develop revolutionary and simultaneous passive inaction.It is because of the sins of omission, which contains the contentment depression, and raised the genius of Russian realism - Rizhenko Paul, whose pictures are written entirely in the classic style.

artist lived a short but highly productive life, showing an icon of God's chosen creator and a role model for the artists of the realistic traditions.Death of Paul Rizhenko marked the final tra

nsition of contemporary art from realism to the bed frame avant-garde, classical canons of construction of care and color oranzhirovki composition of fine arts in expressive swimming shorts futuristic ideas and straightness of the composite image.

Biographical note

Rizhenko Paul, whose biography does not differ from a few hundred of these biographies of artists, fans anticipating the interest in this subject, leave a few notes about his past.

future artist was born in 1970 in the city of Kaluga.In his autobiographical texts Rizhenko Paul, anticipating the extent of his fans are interested in his biography, he recalled that his childhood was entirely filled with the joy of communion with his grandmother and mother.Creative way Pavel Viktorovich was started by chance - from the earliest years, it was characterized by mental alertness and a good memory: "This for me is the motherland, bright, quiet, full of love, which many have forgotten, but many people - not."

Since 1988 Paul is a graduate of the Moscow Art School at the Institute Surikov.He went into the army, where, according to him, has clearly realized his calling in painting.After her, in 1990, he studied at the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where his teacher was Professor, People's Artist of Russia Ilya Glazunov.

Educational activity Rizhenko Paul

In 1997, after defending his thesis in 1996, Paul Rizhenko begins active teaching career at the department of architecture, and then the restoration, and even later - the composition native academy.There he taught until his death.Paul Rizhenko - the artist, the cause of his death was the result of fruitful creative activity.

Features of the spiritual content of the composition

Pavel Rizhenko instantly was glorified as the genius national scale after defending his thesis - paintings "Kalka" where the semantic center of the composition is bound with ropes figure of Prince Mstislav old, proudly standing in front of a rest after the battle of the Mongolian governor.Paul Rizhenko, paintings should be reminded that this inflexible, honest, but simple and humble character, could not be better demonstrated traits of the Russian people.

Artist - preacher of the divine idea

about their spiritual and practical quest artist always talked very openly.Embark on a thanksgiving of the Orthodox way of the artist, his art immerses the viewer into the wonderful world of spiritualized God of the earth, and the Russian nation as a whole, he said, he was helped in the training academy and familiarity with the priests.He idolized the Orthodox national idea and unwittingly became her mouthpiece evangelism."Oslabya," "Blessing of St. Sergius," "Victory Peresvet", "Prayer Peresvet" - in all of these images with their unshakable calmness and prudence invisibly present the appearance of a holy man, not at all similar to the iconic image of the canonical.Paul himself explained that his images feature that is considered a classic Orthodox iconography monstrous hybrid of Eastern and Byzantine art, with their European standards and manner of writing, not original Russian religious painting.

Paul Rizhenko collaborated with many monasteries and the higher clergy, engaged in writing for their religious paintings and portraits.His latest work - a diorama of "Standing on the Ugra".Customers are Kaluga St. Tikhonov deserts.Unfortunately, Paul Rizhenko, the artist, the cause of death which made his sudden shudder Russian world, was unable to attend her opening.

Paul Rizhenko and his paintings in the historical genre painting

Throughout his life, with all my heart and mind radiating sons love for their fatherland and filling this love every detail and every stroke on his canvases, Paul Rizhenko entirely "He infiltrated "his pictures unprecedented force greatness.That was the greatness of the Russian spirit, a prisoner in the images of heroes Peresvet in the majestic, but to conquer the position of Emperor Nicholas II, the tragic grandeur of monumental battles of the past and sunlight monastery apiaries.

As a master batalisticheskih scenes, composition and color that has been impregnated with the idea of ​​the divine battle darkness, the artist took an active part in patriotic activities in Russia.He was well received in the War Artists Studio Grekov as one of the leading masters of the painters, and the first published information about what Rizhenko Paul died, the cause of death, made public a few days later, it was reported by the press Department of Culture of the Ministry of Defense.

During the political upheaval in the spring of 2014 in Ukraine Rizhenko Paul repeatedly expressed his support to nascent states of New Russia.In addition, the process of writing his paintings "Stokhid" artist constantly consulted with Igor Ivanovich Strelkov about the shape of the Russian officers and a very close friendship with him, even remembering that on the canvas in the main triangle of composition.Upon learning that Paul Rizhenko, the cause of death is directly dependent on the huge mental alertness, he died Gunmen wrote: "I am distressed.Bright was a man.When advised him - he had already complained that his hands numb. "

People's Artist

Paul Rizhenko sincerely believed in the enlightened, morally clean and spiritually rich Russia, with all my heart ached for the formation of New Russia and its political arrangement in line with the Russian state, while always remaining monarchist.A huge number of paintings he created from the beginning of the 1990s, is dedicated to the Battle of Kulikov, the era of Nicholas II, as well as the First World War.His studio was finished six dioramas, which are periodically put forward at the exhibition.Parting words


Rizhenko When Paul died, the cause of death was not immediately announced.Only a few days later it became known that as a result of intense professional activity he had a stroke.

artist was buried in Zhdamirovskom kladische in the eponymous village near Kaluga.

During his lifetime he was a very progressive-oriented man, an adept of Orthodox thought as a historically changing content of human existence, the essence of which can be perfectly reflected in the principles of the classical pictorial realism.