The manual on "How to draw the child"

Each young mother admiring her child and considers it the most beautiful in the world.Often parents want to draw a portrait of your own baby.After the photo - it is certainly good, but the figure made independently valued much higher.So many people believe.But then the question arises: "How to draw a baby?".Because even those who have learned to portray adult, sometimes difficult to work with children.The problem lies in the difference of proportions.

Baby face

If you do not adhere to the proper proportions, the image of the child is more like a mini-copy of an adult.And we need a technically correct picture.It is time to clarify how to draw a child's pencil.To properly depict the children's portrait, note the two constituent parts: the face and skull, as well as their proportional relationship.

most common mistakes

To avoid some of the pitfalls in the process of drawing, it is advisable to consider some points.Many beginners mistakenly believe that the baby's face should be quite large compa

red to the size of the cranium.If you divided the head of the adult, the person he is on the third part of the head.If the same is done with the skull baby, his face will take more than the fourth part.In addition, the baby's head has a circular shape.It should be noted that the neck in children as compared to the head looks too short.

phased pattern is determined directly

procedure.How to draw a child's pencil in stages?

First you need to perform a sketch of a large square.As a result, it was he who determines the size of the baby's head.Divide the square into four equal parts.The lower left figure will serve as a baby-faced.Not all people will get an immediate draw a perfect circle shape.So first is to practice this action.

Now draw a big circle on the whole the total square.Thus, we begin to depict a portrait of the baby in the profile.Now start draws baby face in a small circle.Believe me, it is better to begin practice in the picture exactly the profile portrait of a child.It is much easier to perform.And over time, you can go to a full-face portraits.In the lower left quadrant depict ear.Then draws the eyes, mouth and nose of the baby.We outline the ear.When all the features are ready, then with a rubber band, we erase the square and all the extras.Adding hair.They should be barely perceptible to the figure was more plausible.

can move on to the tinting and darkening.Patiently, operate on the details.But the baby's face is not recommended to shade too dark tones.Figure it will seem rude.Shades should be soft and not to create sharp contrasts.Hatch pattern give the impression of three-dimensionality.

Work on children's eyes.It is the pupil should have the darkest tone of the whole picture.Do not forget to leave a place for an unobscured flare.Eyes will become realistic.You also need to perform a shading of the ear.

proceed to drawing the hair.If all the advice was taken into account, the picture must correspond to the initial recommendations: baby face occupies a quarter of the head.Here we come to the answer to the question of how to draw a child's pencil stages.The task is not simple, but for many of us it can do.

picture in full growth

now turn to the study course of action is to draw as a child in full growth stages.We offer you two schemes of images of children of different ages.

start to delineate the oval.He will play the role of the head.Draw a diagram of the skeleton, as shown in the picture.Start sketching out of the body.We do bending the legs, arms envisage.Then, made a detailed outline begin drawing all the parts of the body.

portrayal of persons recommended to the least, as it requires the most attention.We depict in detail the features of baby face.In no case do not forget about the proportions.When drawing the child is ready, you can add details of the interior, toys, which he amuses himself, to give the image more realistic.Turn on the imagination.In this case, you will not an abstract child, and it is a real baby.Perhaps, in order to achieve a satisfactory result you will have to work out.Now we gave an exhaustive answer to the question of how to draw a child.


story when you finally got to draw a baby, it would be good to represent and a group of children.For example, children playing in the sandbox or running in the park.Why not use the acquired knowledge on how to draw a baby?You can create a whole series of your photos and put them in an album.The original solution is the image of the child at different stages of its development.

Eventually you get a story a few years of your baby in the picture.And most importantly, you will be the author of this masterpiece.